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  1. ducks n eyes, I don't really agree with your statement about pointing people in the general direction of a good bite isn't going to kill a lake off. I saw it happen on a lake in 2000 in N.D. 150,000 perch off one lake in one winter according to the NDGF&P. When I go fishing the last thing I think about doing is posting on a HSOforum for the most up to date fishing hotspot. I usually know what lakes hold fish and if I use my noggin I can figure out what the fish should be doing at the time of year I am fishing fot whatever species it is. If I even would have to use pm's I would feel like I did'nt do it on my own. But the problem is that when people are driving hundreds of miles they would like to be put on the spot without doing any of the work themselves. That is why I think there are people that get upset with posts like you have put up. My point is that if one person points you in the general direction there are a thousand other people reading the same thing, and if you just pm each other then it just takes a little more time until the hotspot is out. If people would just find their own spot and keep it queit things would go alot smoother. Just my 2 cents.
  2. who the heck is yuglooc? anybody? I will help you get your buck draz. I know you wont be able to do it with out me. Probably have to get yrret buck for him too.
  3. draz couldnt even see straight on waubay last spring. It didnt help that the snad driving the boat was loaded on budweiser If you fellas want to hook up for a hunt I could take you out in nov. and show you how to wax some does....fricking lottery
  4. 6 of us just got back on the 21st. Fished for 3 days. All on vaughan. we caught hundreds of walleyes between 3 boats and the biggest one was 24 inches. It was a blast and can't wait to do it again. Windswept points, shorelines and sand flats. good luck.
  5. I bought one in the 40 cal. 4 inch service model. I had never had a handgun before this so I have nothing to compare it to, but it sure is a dream to shoot. I am very satisfied. The main selling point for me was the way it felt in my hand and the safetys. Oh yeah, the 2 clips, holster, speed loader, clip holder and carrying case was a (Contact Us Please) good deal also.
  6. Archies landing is the place we will go out of. Thanks for the info codydawg.
  7. codydawg, is there a place called deception bay? There is a place we are putting the boats in and then leaving the vehicles while we take the boats to the cabin for a few days. Rumor has it we will pay to have someone watch the vehicles. I know we are going to dryden and the place we park the vehicles is something like 28 miles of gravel roads to get to. Does any of this sound familiar?
  8. Thanks for all the info fellas. We will be staying at a place called lac seul adventures. Is there a area called vaughn bay? I have never been there and don't know the layout that well. I had a feeling that we would probably be there post spawn. Hoping to find lots of fish and just enjoy canada. I am a first timer up there so I really can't wait to get there.
  9. Hi, I am going to lac seul on june 17th through the 21st. Does anybody know what time of the year the ice comes off up there. Just trying to get a feel for what kind of walleye fishing we will be doing. Mainly jigging or lindy's, looking for running water. I have never been up there so I am not sure what it will be like. Thanks for any info.
  10. blackshack said the same thing I was going to. I have a half chessie/lab. I bought the sportdog with the 3/4 mile range and have never needed that kind of range. I think that the 400 yard one would be just fine. Once the dog learns respect for the collar they will not be straying far anyways. I have had good luck with my sportdog.
  11. Thanks for the replys. I ended up with a c4 6600. It felt good in my hand and abu garcia has a 15 dollar off rebate on any reel over 75 bucks. What do you guys use for line? I am planning on casting it for northerns. Power Pro? 20# 30#?? thanks...
  12. As long as everybody's talking rods, lets talk reels. I am in the market for a baitcaster for pike. I was thinking about a round baitcaster but am now looking at the low profile models. I am looking at the 100 to 200 dollar range. I would also like to troll spinners with it for walleyes. Any suggestions would be great. Just a few that i am interested in are the abu record, cabelas prestige, pflueger president or maybe a quantum. Any help fellas. thanks.
  13. Thanks for all the replies. I had a chance to get to sportsmans warehouse and play with a few reels. The trion was nice and so were the abu's. The abu record was the smoothest operating reel that I tried. I was pretty impressed with that reel. Just waiting to see if there are any sales coming up this spring....
  14. Hey fellas. Just starting my search for a round baitcaster for pike in canada and also pulling spinners for walleyes occasionally. What do you think of the round pflueger trion or the ambasseduer c3. Just looking for opinions if anybody has either one. Dont plan on doing a ton of casting with it so really dont want the more expensive models. Thanks in advance.
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