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  1. I would also like to join. Did one of these last year and had a blast. If there is room count me in. thanks, -Dan
  2. I heard on the news that Fowler wants to keep the vikings in MN. So hopefully he keeps his word and keeps them in MN. -Dan
  3. I couldnt imagine him being very popular after how much he brought to the team, and then it was taken away with the cork in the bat. -Dan
  4. Even though i cant wake up in time to watch the entire line up on saturday morning, but what i do wake up in time for, I love. I think that these shows are very usefull and i appreciate what they are doing. -Dan
  5. What do you all think about sosa being potentially traded to the orioles, pending his physical? I am wondering if he will helpout the orioles with his slugging, because they dont seem to have the best pitching in the world. just my say anyway- -Dan
  6. Thanks Grebe and CrappieTom for the info. I didnt personally bring the fish to the taxidermist, my dad did. I know that he brought the picture of me and the fish with him when he went to go get it. But to no avail it was gone like i said earlier. The thing that got my dad upset was that he knew the person. But if i ever catch any sort of nice size fish that i would actually spend money to mount i will for sure to more research and bring friends with, pictures, whatever is needed. By the way, to add more to the topic if that is alright i was wondering if you guys could tell me what you all caught the crappie on. What type of jig brand name etc. Thanks again for the info and all the great responses, Dan
  7. Yeah about mounting. The crappie i caught was the biggest out of our lake that we know of. So my dad and I were going to get it mounted but the taxiderist lost it. I was so mad I didnt know what to think. So i dont trust taxidermist anymore unless i know them personally or a close friend. Dan
  8. Ya i read that yesterday. I couldnt beleive it. A 6 pound crappie is huge. Im still in shock, when i saw that my mouth dropped and I kept saying to myself that it wasnt possible. But im not one to judge what poeple say so it could be 100% true. Oh well. Dan
  9. I'm not sure if this is true with any one else, but every time it seems like someone catches a nice size crappie, the rest of you catch all day are huge as well. When i caught mine it was the same way. I mean we caught are limit right away because we would just pull em in cast after cast. But odes any seem to notice that when you catch a nice one that all day long you catch nice ones? Thats just me i guess. Thanks, Dan
  10. Thanks, Yeah i cant wait to hear of all the nice size fish that people catch. It seems like the winter is over, but we still have lots of time to do some nice ice fishing. thanks again for the welcome and im glad to hear about this forum. thanks, Dan
  11. Alright sounds good Matt. I work in Produce. I will talk to you tomorrow then. thanks, Dan
  12. Hey Matt, I see you live in chaska. I work at the Super Target. I would be interested in fishin out on tonka. You should stop in and maybe we could talk about a trip to tonka. Thanks, Dan
  13. I am pretty new to this forum and i was wondering what the biggest crappie that anyone has caught the belongs to this forum. Personally i caught a 2 pound some odd ounce black crappie. thanks Dan
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