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  1. Hey "old guy/s" you should just be used to paying taxes and paying for a billion different things... I am 23 by the way and just trying to lay down a valid point... the point being who gives. If you like walleyes buy it, if you dont and wanna talk about every possible tax and complain about a thousand things, then do it and dont buy the stamp I dont care honestly.. in todays outdoor news there is a nice piece telling about minnesotas walleye stocking and figures golare... dont sit here acting like i am 5 with the santa clause and tooth fairy [PoorWordUsage] i dont buy it. Anyone can do whatever they want to do.. i'll buy the stamp. I'll buy two.. and let the gov't do what they want, at least I feel good about myself..
  2. I like Black_bay he did his homework and shut some of you smarties down.. The moral of this entire story is yes, the state sometimes toys with money, but if you are a walleye fisherman, not just a half [PoorWordUsage] oops i caught a walleye, then you should support this stamp without questioning.. once again its 5 dollars and if they spend half of it on walleyes and half of it on toilet paper for the capital, i am happy i contributed to my favorite fish..
  3. I am in college, have roughly 55,000 dollars in loans, 1,500 on my cabelas card which beleive me its been much much higher, and work two jobs that pay me squat to what most of u are making... 8 an hour and 10 an hour, add rent, bills, and beer and It's hard to understand how i am even alive... yet if that stamp was 40 dollars, i would pay it. I guess it just comes down to what you enjoy. I enjoy walleyes, ducks, and geese.. and i'll pay whatever to know that I have done my part. You can sit here and explain every excuse you want to as to why you dont want to pay it but seriously you guys sound like a buncha cheap A$$es. You sure as [PoorWordUsage] shouldn't be affording internet and a computer if you cant hack 5 dollars for a year. My first thought after reading about this in my bathroom (outdoor news $36.00 a year) was this is not even a fee for me or something I even have to think about paying.. Ya everything adds up, buy one less gallon of milk a year.....
  4. For anyone who is sad and crying about a possible 5 DOLLAR STAMP- This is 5 dollars to better walleye fishing in MN, if you can't afford 5 dollars without whining then you should be underwater basketweaving not fishing. Regardless if it goes into a gill net, gets eaten by an eagle, taken by a poacher... whatever who cares.. its going to be beneficial. Think of how much the normal person with the average boat spends to go out fishing for one day! This post is not to say everyone is rich and wipes with 5 dollar bills, but seriously, its 5 dollars with great intentions for the walleye fisherman..
  5. Slip bobber, leech and trees, equal fish! + Windy side + "walleyeish" looking area = more fish
  6. I have mono on one set up and fireline on the other and I use both for jigging when needed.. I cast and troll whatever it might be with the fireline too... I have been known to take walleye fishin pretty serious and have tried thing many diff ways. Personally unless you are in a tournament or something like that or in super clear water I wouldnt worry about it. If a walleye has time to sit down there examine the color scheme of the jig, inspect the angus quality of the bait, inspect the knot strength, then finally bite.. in my mind it means that walleye might not be ready to commit anyways. And if i really thought it was the directly tied jig, over the bait choice, jig color, location...etc that was effecting the bite, I would finally do what Team Otter suggests or something similar with the vanish or mono leader..
  7. Get the ol chip for the h20... the northern lakes chip or whatever it is i can't think.. but you won't be disappointed, i have had 3 gps' and the h20 with the chip is amazing... lots of lakes 1 ft contour lots with just some contour but much easier, lots less holes to drill to find your area...
  8. I got one of those ice fishing chairs which is pretty neat, I already have rod holdersand pretty much everything included in the char already but oh well a chair is a chair.. I got some christmas walleyes of decent size yesterday so that was plenty in that area!
  9. I go to school at UND and no issue has ever [PoorWordUsage]ed me off or made me debate something so much as this one has. I won't even get into my feelings about it because I am at work and would have to clock out to write my story... but there still is a way to keep it... most of you know that i am assuming but further than that more and more details are being pulled out from deep behind the scenes.. tribal members mad because they don't have a say, only the tribal leaders do... its only about 2 percent of anybody who wants it changed besides maybe some of you gophers fans just to be difficult.. If it did ever change... UND migration, UND mallards, UND ice/frost/freeze whatever would be suiting if you ask me... but thats if you ask me, others are interested in unlikely names such as calvary, roughriders, nakotas... basically names that students wouldn't dig... its a touchy subject for sure around my campus and a facebook group (petition) was recently created that has 6,000 new members over the course of a week... enough rambling.. go sioux!
  10. There is a really good chance that I was hunting one of those fields or right next to it... we seemed to be the only people hunting last week and we were right by lakota next to a pretty noticable field offa 2.. Drove to devils yesterday morning in search of more and to see the ice situation..the lake we hunted last tuesday had 3-4 inches already by yesterday morning... I think if it gets calm at any time that baby will be freezing up quick after last nights little blizzard
  11. So Jeff how is it lookin now? Is the main lake still open as of today? I am just hopin I can get one last duck hunt in after thanksgiving before takin out the fl-20 instead of the 870. I can only imagine devils is getting really close by now... thanks!
  12. I saw this at work this morning... anyone know where this was... I just can't picture this happening but it's certainly real..
  13. The only words that come to my mouth are "W-T-F!!?" There is just no excuse that this horse was killed... believe me horses have no sentimental value to me and I don't even like them... but really do horses and deer look alike? Don't call yourself a hunter if you cant pick out a horse from a deer I dont even care what the circumstances are because if it was that hard to see the difference... that person should stop smokin up or hunting drunk... that is all..
  14. mrwalleye_13

    Need to vent

    After hunting in Nodak for the past 4 years of college I have learned alot about landowner respect... Many of you know Nodak land is fair game unless posted whereas in mn the situation is a little different... We almost always ask the landowner for permission unless we already know the farmer well and feel that we don't need to ask every day... When it says posted we stay off thats all there is to it... and even then by simply asking the landowner you can gain alt of respect that might permit you to hunt that posted land. Alot of times it really sucks that we can't get on a property to kill some greenheads but that's the way it is and i respect it... If I had my own land it would for sure be posted and not because of selfishness... I want to know and meet whoever would be using my land. I can think of handfuls of landowners that have posted there land since my arrival at college because of people's ignorance digging huge holes in the field and leaving them or leaving trash or disrepecting the land it self.. Ask no matter what its just better that way.
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