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  1. Quote: I always start with a gentle lift when the pickups are light and make the determination within a second whether to continue the lift and onto the next drop, continue the lift for further evaluation because something wasn't right , or pop the jig out of a rock or out of the weeds. Its that time of evaluation (gentle pull)that you try and shorten and perfect. Like I say time on the water. Gent's - Thats the trick!!!!! Well said and not utilized by most weekend anglers. The only cure for not knowing how something is supposed to feel is both, know your equipment and make sure you have GOOD equipment. Yes, good rods and reels are not cheap, so you have to justify to yourself what your financial lines are and stick to them! No matter if your fishing with a $20 Wally World rod combo or a $300 made to you rod, KNOW YOUR EQUIPMENT. Feel is everything and everyones is different!!! See Ya on the water Carmon
  2. I forgot to tell you to hold it with the antenna (sp?) pointed down towards the ground...
  3. Take a portable (for a lack of a better name) "Boom Box", set it to the AM radio and listen to the static. It will change pitch when you are dirrectly above the wire. It's very slight but you can hear it. Walk along your wire then and you should be able to pin piont the area. Good Luck
  4. luv2fish, I also have a six year old son who gets bored if the action isnt hot and heavy. But you also have to consider that when they are out playing on the ice, you are the only one close enough to the line to be fishing it. With the amount of tip-ups and bobber lines you have down you will and should be ticketed. just my 2 cents
  5. Surface Tension, Thanks for the tips, I am a mechanic by trade and the extra belt and plugs are already in place. My "Fun Factor" and I are very excited about the sled and are planning a trip up to Kab as we speak. I spend alot of time up there from opener threw mid November but have never seen it with the beauty (sp ?) of snow!! Your right , I am very lucky, she loves to fish as much as I do and she's even started to go out bird hunting with me and my GSP. The guys at work rub me on the whole "spending so much time with the DA" but we'll see where they are in 10 or 15 years with there's and where her and I are. In the few miles that I've put on, the turn radious is awfull but the whole carbide thing makes sence. I've been playing with the rear suspension setup (6 adjustment settings per side), wow what a difference a turn can make! It is a liquid cooled unit but no radiator as a mechanic I dont get that, but it must work and I'll have to adapt. Thanks for the replies and we'll see you on the ice. I'm ordering my FM sticker for the windshield of the sled and then I'll put my "FISING-AROUND" on as well' so if anyone see's us out there knock on the Otter and say HI...... Carmon
  6. In my opinion, you loose to much meat with an electric, not to mention quality cocktail time with my fishing buddies I have three Leech Lakers, yes they are spendy but the quality is unmatched. Not to mention they are very nice looking.
  7. I've used the EMT Gell on the pads of my GSP and it seemed to speed up the healing process and give him some pain relief. It's alot of fun to hunt in the snow isnt it, watching them work their buns off and then their reward of a downed bird
  8. Private land would not have mattered, it doesnt change the reg's. The only time reg's are changed is on a lic'd game farm or hunt club and your ON thier property. But you did the right thing! What kind of dog do you run? I thought that my GSP was the only one that was quick enough to do that
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