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  1. Todd your assuming the guy rubbed it in the farmers face. I would bet it was more like I'm sorry he got away from you, but he came out of a swamp....Then the farmer was ticked the deer was dead, and all heck broke loose. As far as calling the DNR, I think most everybody would do that. Oh and for the record, I have no idea who these people are!
  2. Kinda sounds like you mind is made up on which one your going to buy. The fabric on the clam will hold up just fine as long as you keep the mice away.
  3. He was so bad that I tried to find a place on the NFL Network site to complain! Yeah he was bad, real bad!
  4. I would think you could use a screw. A rivet or 2 mighteven be better. If you use a screw watch so the screw doesn't somehow catch the fabric and twist it and maybe rip it. Good luck
  5. Nip... I would be interested in some Iowa info. Drop me a line at [email protected]
  6. Heck if I had the extra cash I would be all over this! Nice looking sled and garage! If it should ever end up on the Free page let me know! That would be about the price the wife would let me pay! haha
  7. Quote: Nice bucks guys... Are you guys hunting on private land or something? I think it's Or Something!
  8. Nice bucks swampbuck!!! Next year swing by on your way north, I am on the way!
  9. Quack, I think you did the right thing by not pushing it! And your right...it's not like you were tracking it across a corn field up there. They may have been looking for you had you tracked right away. They say if you make a questionable shot bow hunting to let it sit for around 6 hrs so you hopefully can find it where it laid down. It was just bad luck the wolves got there first. I was just happy to see they loaded up in their truck and were going to get what meat they could from it! How many people would have just cut the head off and never tagged it? Good job guys!
  10. They sure taste good though, nice and tender! There's nothing wrong with taking or not taking fawns in my book. If your worried that half the fawns are bucks I only bow hunt and I guess I can tell if they are button bucks or does before I shoot. If you cook a chop from a big old doe, and put it on a plate next to a chop from a fawn, you may feel different about shoot a fawn once in awhile. Besides if you shoot only adult doe, what do you have left...fawns. The mature doe is a better breeder in my opinion, thus more fawns. Plus it gives the herd all age classes,not just young doe. I just don't want to see anyone put down cuz they shoot a great eating fawn if they have a tag for it.
  11. Hey Matt Just got back from the hunt last night, and even though I didn't shoot it was pretty good. The first and the 3rd day I had 5 different bucks running around me. Nothing huge by any means, but I think giving a few more days the rut hunt will be even better. The 2nd dayI was out and I heard a snap behind me so my heart started beating, looked back to see some guy out taking a walk eight under my stand at 9a.m. Needless to say i was a bit upset, but what can you do. Then I heard someone out on the walking trail carrying a wind chime! Never heard that one before! Maybe they thought we might mistake them for a deer! haha I am headed back Monday night, so hopefully next week! Good luck!
  12. Matt- Just wondering what zone you are in? If ya don't wanna say that's ok too. I am in 8. I will be back over tomorrow night, hunting through Wed. I am hoping to score this week! Hopefully we will both have a pic on here soon! Well Good luck!
  13. I saw a guy use it as a snort wheeze today on TV! 2 short and 1 long spray! He said it worked for that!
  14. No snow when I went through there at 3 p.m. I really don't think there is any forecasted and it's supposed to get into the 40's I thought I heard.
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