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    Thanks for the input Del, I am planning on replacing my conditioner, just looking at all the options. It's one of those things, it sounds good, but logically it doesn't make sense. Thanks Again. Todd
  2. PT73


    My softener needs replacing, the salt free Easywater "sounds good", does anyone have any experience with this system?. I live in Andover, and have relatively hard water. Thanks Todd
  3. I have a Popup Truck Camper that needs some screen repair, is there any trick to removing the canvas besides taking out the multiple screws holding it in the channels?. Thanks
  4. My 10 year old Palomino screens are falling apart, does anyone have any experience replacing these?, the canvas is still in great shape. Recommendations?. Thanks
  5. PT73


    Can someone suggest a campground close to the North or West entrance to the Park, headed there the first week in October, have a truck camper. The park grounds will be closed it says. Thanks
  6. PT73

    Nomar to Oakland

    While in Boston, his nickname was Glass. If Oakland is smart it will be an incentive laden contract.
  7. Can anyone recommend these units?, is one brand better than another?, big price range between brands.
  8. I'll send that map out on the 9th, going over to that area Wednesday - Sunday, I'll probably fish Lost Land at least one evening. Glad you got into some fish over there Borg.
  9. Fishing these lakes in August can be rewarding if you're into Muskies, Walleyes that time of year can be had if you're willing to fish at night. There is little fishing pressure on these lakes due to the 10 mph speed limit I believe. I can email a marked up map (pdf) if you supply an email address.
  10. Replacing the treads and risers on the staircase going to the basement, tired of the creeking/squeeking. Of course, they are not square with the walls, is there any rentable tool that can help me get these angles correct?. Thanks
  11. PT73

    Watering Hole

    Thanks For the Ideas Guys
  12. PT73

    Watering Hole

    Celebrating a friends' Birthday next Wednesday by going with a group to the X, Wild vs Ducks. Can anyone recommend an establishment close by that has decent food, and the many drinks wont bankrupt us. Thanks in advance
  13. What would be the best tool to cut this product? Thanks
  14. PT73

    Chicago Bears

    The Bears have shown the last 2 weeks(Giants, Jets) that they deserve being 9-1. They can't help it that their division has Detroit, terrible general manager and organization period, Green Bay, who now have the reputation of not paying their players well, except for an over the hill QB, and Safety, then there's the Vikes, enough said. Yea the Bears are in a terrible division, a terrible conference, but they win. Go Bears!
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