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  1. I would like to sell the package of coarse but if someone buys the boat and trailer I sell the motor separate. A better way to phrase the motors conditons would be to say I haven't used it in few seasons. So I'm sure it could use a tune up. Which usually consided for me of a new plug and a quick cleaning of the carb.
  2. Hey sorry guys PC crashed sparks and all. Just got back up and running. Motor hasn't been run because I've been hunting small bodies of water and just push pulling in these last years. I would consider selling just the boat how about $750
  3. Last week or I'll keep boat and put it at the storage place with the ice house. $400 boat, trailer and seats $600 Boat trailer, seats and motor As I've had more than a few people say they'll "take it" then call and cancel Ask your self the following first; Will my wife let me purchase this. ( guy #1) Do I already have too many boats and this is an impulse buy (guy #2) I originally thought a 70's motor could be tuned once then run forever with out maintenance but my mechanic has advised me different (guy #3,4,5) If you can work past the first three questions I would love to sell you this boat cheap so I don't have to move it. Thanks Again Chad 12’ John boat 32” floor with 46” rails. Clamp on cushion seats, push pulls, oars, trailer, Chrysler 180 short shaft motor (If memory serves me correctly is a 7.5 horse) and gas can. Boat is painted the usual reed brown/ beige. Deck and seats have some of the original green showing were the paint has chipped. Other than some minor touch up painting the boat is about 8 years old and in great shape. I’m moving in a couple of months and would like to sell this rather than move it as I just don’t get out hunting much any more. $950.00 PRICE REDUCED TO $850 FOR EVERYTHING Price Reduced again $750... for everything You can email me for pic’s and questions at [email protected]
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