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  1. Are you sure that this pit is COMPLETELY surrounded by private land? The pit I know of in which I think that you are speaking of is indirectly adjacent to a river out of town. It periodically has flooded into the flooplain in the past which has served as the pits water supply. It is also fed through recharge from the river as well. I have access to the county's parcel GIS info and I think that if I tried to get on it I could--legally. Not a good idea to be so specific when posting of slab infested waters. By the way--we aren't the only ones who know about it
  2. Area 225: Party of 5. Total of 10 deer-only two bucks this year. Saw some nice ones this year and have been anticipiting their return with bow in hand.
  3. If that fish was caught in MN waters, it propably rivals the one that was taken out of (cough,cough) "Auburn" (cough-cough) this last fall... Was it kept, and if so...it sounds like the wieght was not certified...I would personnaly ceritify any Bass like that if it was caught on waters where others fish... If it was a private pond or secret hole, thats another story... GREAT FISH, Good job!!!
  4. I particularly like the ones with the bass in the kitchen and the 19" eye on the shack floor with the URL crappies. Nice fish man... Healthy looking...
  5. Just wondering if anybody has any suggestions as to what causes variation in the hue of a crappie when compared to other crappies from other lakes this time of year or for anytime as a matter of fact. I understand that a male crappie will generally be a darky in the pre-spawn period, but we are a ways away from that. Does water clarity, acreage or depth of the body of water being fished have anything to do with it?
  6. neat trick... cool pic... never works for me!
  7. Well, here is the situation... About halfway through the bout, the wife brings up a perch that is about the size of a medium sucker minnow, I just kind of looked at it and laughed and said, put it back...Just after that I walked up to the leader board to see that there were only four or five pike caught and the last 13 or so fish were perched that weighed .1-.04 lbs. (20 fish prizes--Nice ones too) I quickly got back to her in time for her to catch another. Needless to say that this time she brought the fish up, but when she got back to me she said that the guy at the scale wieghed iut and said, ".o6--we are looking for fish twice that size" Then he threw the fish on the ice... Its pretty sad that prizes 10-20 ended up going to people with perch that weighed .06... at the time she brought up her fish, last place was still .04... ??????????????????????????????????? Maybe we need to elect another to be in charge of weighing fish???? What the hell is going on?
  8. The wife and I will be out for the annual event, the trip to vegas is her inspiration... Hope that the luck is on our side and yours too...
  9. Fellas, after last night it wouldn't be right not to shed some light on Glow Optics' jig called the nucleus. Has anybody out there had as much success as me with this jig? Last night I caught a 15-1/2"er using the nucleus tipped with a crappie minnow. I caught two 15"ers out on the hard H2O last year, and have had much success in years prior... The color that works for me is the "glow" #6. It is so much fun trying to get one of those big ones up through the hole...what a rush!!!! I've had mixed results after ice out...but when its time to drop em down the hole watch out!!!!!!!!
  10. Thanks for the info Tom!
  11. I caught a 14-3/4" crappie last night. Let me tell ya...what a rush!!!! Then, maybe 30 secs after I took it off and put a new minnow on and popped the same line down the hole...A 15 incher!!!My question is to anybody out there-Could these fish have been mates? One looks like it has eggs in it(female) and the other looks a little different(male). I think that both are going on the wall, it was like when one came up the other had to as well
  12. Has anybody ever seen mayfly nymphs for sale say around the west metro, or anywhere in the state for that matter??? I was awatching midwest outdoors this mornin and they were fishing on the wisconsin river over der in Wisconsin, and they were using CRAWLERS (mayfly nymphs) to catch otherwise finicky HUMONGOUS Jumbo Perch. The guide says that he swears up and down by em and that they were kind a pricy. Any Info Guys??????
  13. Just kiddin Ya Musky! I live on Mitchell Lake by Hwy 5 and Dell Road. Familiar wit da area?????
  14. Musky---with a screen name like bdiddy, you know I must be on the west side . Jeff, was out to that small lake again last night, two guys out there but it was a different story for me, really tiny sunnies. There were alot of small ones that were kept and thrown out on to the ice never to see the lake again which kind of angers me as this lake does have some potential if it didn't winterkill every year like you said. I might give up on it and put in my time and effort elsewhere. Good Luck with your awesome sunny hole. Anybody who puts the time into fishing those smaller lakes to find the big ones deserves the fruits of thier labor!!
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