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  1. Both Vexilar and Marcums will have trouble with the transducer if you don't take care of them. Rough handling or banging the trasducer will cost you in the long run. I have an LX-3 now and I love it. No problems. You shouldn't need to turn the gain higher than 3. If you need it higher in the 20ft mode, your transducer is bad or your battery is low. You will be very happy with that LX-3 you are considering.
  2. Let us know how you do. I am going to be up there this weekend fishing also.
  3. I have fished that area on Pickeral also, where you got the perch but the size was towards the bottom size of keepable. How was the size of the ones you got?
  4. Color point never had problems with their looks, case or cover, the unit on the other hand had a few issues. I love my LX-3, you will too.
  5. Good post Superduty, that is exactly why people always "think" the fish are coming "up" for the bait. Our flashers have trained us that way, when in reality it is not always true.
  6. Last weekend I used my LX-3 next to a new X-67 and a FL-18. All 3 units in the same house. I am telling you that X-67 is junk. I have nothing against Lowrance, they make nice graphs, but their ice equipment is junk. My buddy returned his Ice Machine when we got back and bought a LX-3. True Story!! If you are buying it for the GPS, save your money and buy a good Garmin handheld.
  7. If the zoom on the LX-3 started at the bottom all the time it would have to find bottom every time, basically zero on the bottom. The FL-18's still have problems in zoom mode if you move hole to hole because they are trying to find bottom again. Not a major problem, but good enough reason for my to switch to a LX-3.
  8. Buy an LX-3 and you won't have to worry about it, sorry I couldn't resist that one.
  9. The chart showing deadzone is a good example but is an exageration of how a flasher really works. The deadzone on any flasher is not that bad, whether you are using a MarCum or a Vex. I agree the ice machine is junk.
  10. Exude, how does that "fish" Aqua Vu perfrom at 2 MPH in the open water? Are you able to view to the side at all?
  11. I have had 3 Jiffy's in the past. Since I switched to Strikemaster I could not be happier. I believe they make the best 2 hp auger out there. I have tried a lot of them.
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