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  1. Video games, money and structured lives? Are you serious? I grew up playing video games. You can still find me at 12am or later in front of my PS3 while my wife and kids sleep. As far as money goes - grew up with a single mom and didn’t have jack. Structure? To think all of my social security payments are going to fund these kinds of thoughts for the future…good lord. My mom purchased a fishing license for herself, found some spare time and, on a moments notice, took me fishing when I was a boy. That’s why I fish today – my mom. Plain and simple. She didn’t have any of the items that have been listed here. I guess I’m just one in a million who made it through everything else you guys think holds the rest of the world back. Why are your kids not fishing right now? Schools out. Better sign off your internet forum, unplug your entertainment center, hit up an ATM, document an agenda for your trip and get on your way. That’s what’s needed to take your kids fishing, right? No apologies for my soap box.
  2. I've been a MN Wild season ticket holder since day one. I get pretty rowdy at the games and heckle the opposing players a lot when they visit the sin-bin. So, I self-proclaimed my nickname on-line to be wild_instigator.
  3. Thanks for all the info guys. I never even thought of making a rod for my kids or gifts for family/friends, more or less something to keep me busy when my ice fishing buddy doesn’t get clearance from his tower. My 8 year old daughter still uses her Zebco Mickey Mouse rod, which I have vigilantly been marketing an upgrade for with my CIO. I think I haven't had much success because I keep missing the board meetings. But in my defense, my Administrative Assistant (11 month old son) hasn't been keeping me up-to-date with scheduling conflicts or updates. I'm contributing it to a loss in language translation and his inability to focus on things that matter (i.e. fishing) instead of toys that light up and make noise. Again, thanks for all the info. Hopefully some day I’ve gained the ability to discuss and debate the level of detail you guys have here on how to build a rod.
  4. Any of you guys ever try making your own casting/spinning rods before? I've found plenty of places that sell the supplies, but I have no idea what it would take to accomplish and whether or not the end result would be lake worthy. I was thinking it would be a great winter project to undertake, but I want to find out if I'm just dreaming or if I actually have a chance. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. I own Frogg Toggs myself. I love 'em and they breath well. I haven't seen any interchangable rain gear before, but the Frogg Toggs allow enough room that you could have any amount of layers underneath that you want. With the money you'll save by buying them, you could go through a couple pairs before you reached the price of the goretex suits.
  6. I believe this is a picture of it...
  7. Zelek, what lb/diameter mono do you use for a leader on the 14/6 Fireline?
  8. Thanks for all the info guys. This setup I use solely for bass and gators. I had a high lb P-Line on the rod before, but wasn't impressed with the casting distance. With the Fireline, I can hit 40+ yard cast easy and cover a lot of water. My other rods are setup with P-Line and are solely used for jigging and float fishing. You could say my expertise with the walleye is lacking, but I know I wouldn't need the 14 lb Fireline for those beauties.
  9. Last Summer was my first season using 14lb (6lb diameter) Fireline. Needless to say, I didn't have as many hits at my cabin or BWCA as I did with my P-Line XXX the previous year. The lakes I fish regularly are fairly clear, but I love the strength, memory, feel and zero stretch of Fireline. Would you recommend that I start using a fluorocarbon leader? If so, what knot works best for attaching Fireline to fluorocarbon (uni to uni or blood)? Also, does the diameter of the leader make a difference (i.e. 6 lb diameter Fireline, should I use 6 lb fluorocarbon or would 17lb fluorocarbon work)? Any help/insight is greatly appreciated. And yes, this may be early in the year to discuss, but I switched all my Winter tackle over to my Summer tackle today and the itch just won't go away.
  10. She's not worth it though, I can tell you that. Happy New Year to you sir.
  11. Thanks for the info. I pulled the maps the DNR had for the lake and made sure I had directions, then my fishing buddy's wife tightened her grip. So, now we're going to Bald Eagle after all so he can stay close to home. I'm wondering if they make big enough augers to drill a hole she could fit through...
  12. My fishing buddy was finally able to talk his wife into letting him out of the house for a day and get some ice fishing in. We're heading out Saturday, but after reviewing the recent posts, sounds like we're a little late for Bald Eagle. After the high temps and rain we had today (and probably tomorrow God forbid), anyone out there have a recommendation for a good all around walleye and crappie lake within 1-1.5 hour drive of the cities? We're looking for some peace and quiet...but somewhere that won't be standing water still on Saturday. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
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