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  1. Hey everybody, i have a chevy 1500 with a long box on it and i was just wondering if anyone has a trick for fitting a 2 man otter in the back of it with a polaris 400 fourwheeler without taking a trailer also. I have the ratchet straps if i would need them to strap the house down if i leave the tailgate open, but any advice is welcome. thanks in advance. toops
  2. im really considering the wilderness series "walleye" from otter outdoors. have you guys ever fished out of one or had experience with one. they look like great houses and are the perfect price and size for what im looking at.
  3. I am in the market for a new flip over portable. I am looking for a smaller two man, bigger one man. I have looked at the otter wilderness walleye, the trap guide, ranger XLtwin, and the otter cabin. I want to spend around 400 and get the most i can, i.e. seats, sled, etc. I really like the wilderness walleye because it comes with the cover sled and seats for around 400. I also am looking at putting mods in it and i think the deeper otter sleds will work better for a floor and things. Please give me any input you guys can on what you would choose. Thanks
  4. Thanks so far for the help. It is greatly appreciated.
  5. Hey guys, I will be heading out to Waubay with a group of guys on Feb 17,18,19,20, and the 21st. I am the youngest of the group at only 15 and the closest in age is about 21 so i would love to show all the big guys up by catching more and bigger fish. So would anyone be willing to help with lures, presentations, are they catching anything with tipups, about how deep are you getting the fish, things like that. Plain reports would be nice also. It doesnt have to be anything special, just to give me an idea. Thanks for the help everyone.
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