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  1. I still can't sleep much. The DT's are finally going away. Nick and our "Exstream Net Man" are totally awesome! Can't wait to do it all over. Thanks again guys!
  2. Simply put... "What a blast"!! Thanks to all the SC guys for a great "lifetime" exsperience that will never be forgotten. Matt for sharing his boat, Nick for handing off his rod, and everyone, for the non-stop laughs. Already looking forward to next year! Lonnie
  3. So I buy the fishing license first, then renew drivers license? Going in the morning to renew drivers, don't want to get messed with. Thanks Lonnie
  4. Thanks! Bound to get lucky once. Lonnie
  5. I recommend the Lake Shore RV park.We stay there every year, never been to the state park. As for the fishing, we've had good years and bad years, always a shot in the dark.
  6. You will have ALOT more storage overall then in a pop-up(have been there). The storage for the food, pots, pan and clothes is big enough for a good week of supplies. Bigger fridge and an accual freezer. Personely, we got a dorm fridge to put all the beer and pop in instead of using coolers and having to buy ice(refill as needed). We use the colapseable laundry bags for dirty and wet clothes, they can be easly put out of the way. Outside storage was small compartments on each side up front, partally going thru and under the dinettes. Food and cloths storage inside was about 6' long(3 doors?) We were very happy with our 23b. We just outgrew it in the other direction as we only have 1 kid left, so we went for ease and comfort. The Jayco quality speaks for itself over the Coyottee. The weight is more distributed over the wheels and is alot lighter on the tounge, which make it easier to pull down the road.(we used a 94 explorer the first year). Biggest positive, you gain an accual bathroom and shower. I put a rinse sprayer in the black tank, just didn't seem to drain real good. I will also highly recommend the outside shower, do your dishes outside. Also great for that "need water quick", or rinsing the dirt off the kids "outside"! Outside cookstove? not recommended. Get the Barbaquee, great for the quick meals.(We hardly ever cooked anything inside) We did use the microwave! Good luck shopping, you will be very happy. Sorry for rambling. Any other questions, feel free to ask. Lonnie
  7. We had a Jayco 23b for 5+ years. No problems with anything. The extra room from the slide is great. Ease of packing was always nice too, but we always found more stuff packed on the floor that needed to be dealt with once we got to the campground.(sheets, pillows, tents, coolers, etc) It just got to be to much set-up for us. We went with a Jayco fifth wheel so we could just push the "buttons".
  8. Thanks everyone. Feels great to have the monkey off my back. Should have been back to back for me but blew it last week with 10-15 to go...Daga!!! Always next week. Lonnie
  9. You can go fishing every 15 min. Compete in a monthly tourney by doing 15 casts each day(in the tourney link).
  10. 07 Kingquad 700. Love it. Pulled some big tree stumps out of the revein. 60" moose plow made snow removal a breeze. I've come to the conclusion that it loves ice fishing .
  11. Don't need a remineder on them two games(JK). They sunk my battleship!! And the hangover they caused .
  12. That would be spelled "Kletschers". Family also. Small world. All family! We may have hunted some of Fengers land in years past, but not sure which one. My buddy (Goblish)rents it? Broken Line, I used to fish your back yard all the time, from shore off the docks and by boat. Also really good friends of your nieghbors, Cory and Amy. The ariator has been in the lake off the North east point for many years.
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