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  1. Hi Jon, just curious, if a person were to take out a home equity loan, what can you actually write off. Can you right off all the interest you pay, or can you only write off home improvements with receipts? Thanks in advance for the advice.
  2. I guess I am curious as to what some people on the site see as ok for advancements in technology and somethings they consider not ok. I respect your opinion of let's just fish with a hook and line, but I am curious about one thing. You are on your computer and reading all these posts about great new and old fishing ideas. I for one believe that the internet is an advancement on old technology. So if I get this right, it is ok to go on to the internet and get any and all information related to improving your fishing, but you do not like the idea of dropping some weeds down a hole to hopefully improve your fishing chances. Again, I am not trying to disrespect your views at all, I just don't quite understand what technology is ok and what isn't.
  3. Just read on the ClementsonAccessOnRainyRiver Resort site that there is 4" of ice at Four Mile Bay on Lake of the Woods. Morris Point has 2". The resort is thinking of putting out houses this weekend. You can check out their HSOforum if you don't believe me. What are everybody's thoughts?
  4. Ok, here is the question. What is the one thing you take to deer camp that no one else would think of? Could be food, certain clothes, or gadgets. For myself, as sick as it sounds, it is pickled gizzards. That and a frosty beer, heaven!
  5. If it were up to me, I would book a trip at the end of December or first part of January. Can't beat the fishing at that time of year and the ice should be decent by then. Good luck to you.
  6. I hate people that fish on top of you on the lake. Sorry, it is not a nice name, but I call mine "Phuque Yew".
  7. Benny, how do you know it needs a tranny flush? Is the tranny slipping or something out of wack with it? I know somebody that would take it but I do not want to change tranny for them if that is bad. If nothing is wrong with, I will probably take it.
  8. My personal opinion is that you are better off tying a hook directly to the line any time you can. I feel, again this is my own opinion, that you get a more sensitive feel without the swivel. Also, with the swivel, you have 2 seperate knots and tying directly you only have 1. I feel the more knots, the odds go up that something could go wrong. It takes me 30 seconds to switch hooks on a clevice whereas it may take a minute to a minute and a half to tie a new hook on. That little of time to me is worth it.
  9. Thanks Chuck. I have to have a long shaft. Nice looking motor. Is the flasher a complete copy of Vexilars' or am I looking at it wrong?
  10. Is this a long shaft or short shaft? If it is a long shaft I would be very interested.
  11. Use "the Bride" as a downrigger! Just kidding
  12. Well, here goes. While this story doesn't involve some monster fish on the line, it is about an accidental catch. Back in the 70's, my older brother, myself and my grandpa were casting from the bank up on the Roseau River. We had been catching some hammer handles and one walleye. The spot on shore that we were fishing was kind of crowded and my brother decided to move downstream about 100' and fish from a clearing on the bank. All of sudden he let out a whoop and when we looked over, we saw a huge northern jumping in the air. As we watched, it jumped again and we watched his line snap. We had the only tackle box with us so he came over to tie on another hook. He asked grandpa which hook he thought would be the best, and my grandpa reached in and pulled out an old beat up "lazy ike". I told him that thing looked like junk and he informed me that the reason it was so beat up was the number of fish he caught with it. He tied it on my brother's hook and told him that whatever bit this thing, wouldn't be able to go of this hook. So off my brother went in search of the big one that got away. It wasn't 5 minutes when he let out another cry. We looked out into the river but didn't see anything. We looked at my brother and he was holding his rod over his head with both hands. I figured it must have been a monster again. All of sudden he turned toward us and came at a fast walk toward us. I though this was weird as he was still holding his rod over his head with both hands and the rod was bent pretty good. Only when he got closer did I notice what was up. He had really wound up for the big cast and when he let it fly, the "lazy ike" had come up and hooked him right in the "Tool Bag". He now had to walk 100' through the brush with this hook firmly embedded. He came up to grandpa with tears in his eyes and told him what had happened. I fell to the ground laughing at the sight of my older brother. Not a nice thing to do, but I couldn't help myself. Grandpa was a little more understanding. Once he got my brother calmed down, he reached over and pulled his plier from the tackle box. Upon seeing this, my eyes overflowed with tears as I knew what was coming next. While it was the funniest thing I had saw in my young life to this point, I will admit that I also held my breath as he cut each hook off. Thinking the worse part was now over, I almost passed out when he hooked the barb of each hook and gently pulled the hook through my brothers "pin cushion". When the operation was complete we gathered up everything and headed back to the farm. To this day I outfish my brother every time out, as he only uses barbless hooks. I am glad to say that my brother has had kids since this day and everything turned out fine for him!
  13. I would be interested in the boat and trailer if you were to split it up. I have enough motors for now. Let me know if you are going to split it up. Would like to get a boat very soon.
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