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  1. the 5 gallon bucket will be the next thing i try
  2. i havent had much luck finding a grader.thanks for the tip gordie but no luck on that.i have built a grader but i am only looking at keeping the big fatheads and the square mesh i can find isnt big enough i still get to many small one
  3. i trap most of my own minnows.the only time i dont is in the dead of winter when the ice gets to thick.what iam looking for is a grader to sort out the big minnows i have seen the ones the bait dealers use but cant seem to find any for sale.does anyone know where i could buy one or how to make one
  4. my buddy just got one we are getting our stuff ready for morning.and i see a sticker that says this side up.can you lay it on it side? as my wheeler bracket will not let me set it so the sticker is up.thats why i was wondering if you could lay it on its side? please help i dont want to wreck his new auger
  5. i have a 96 chevy 5.0 litrt 4x4.check the engine light is on runs fine but the speedometer,tach and the odometer doesnt work any ideas?
  6. i have a RZR havent heard a thing when did this come about?
  7. after fishing all weekend and having cold hands i cant take it any more.i must have 50 pair of gloves and mittens whats the warmest glove out there? i have tried everything i can think of what do you do to keep your hands warm saturday was brutal
  8. that what my grandpa always had a jon-e.i couldnt remmeber the name and cloest thing i could find was a zippo.how long do the wicks last? is there any way of shutting it down after you have it lit?
  9. does anybody use these anymore? i remember my grandpa had one and he never went ice fishing with out it. was looking at getting one.is there a better unit or device out there or are they a waste of time and money with the new chemical ones on the market
  10. sorry it's a 4 inch i should have included that
  11. i have a jiffy hand auger and it is in need of new blades. i had a couple of local bait shops tyr and get these for me but no go. i also looked on jiffys web site and didnt see any. any ideas where i would find these?
  12. going to build a new box stand over the winter.never had windows in my old one.so what does everyone use or what would you do different to yours ?
  13. BORDER WALLEYE CHALLENGE 2011 Tournament Sat. April 30th. http://bigstonewalleyeclub.wordpress.com/border-walleye-challenge/ this is a great run tournament doesnt cost a lot to get in the pay outs are great and the best thing is it is before inland opens up
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