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  1. Would this auger work for reopening holes? I have a strikemaster lazer that makes it pretty tough on the blades. Does nils have a different design?
  2. I also don't care for the float. Gets in the way every time. The arm is great for keeping ducer in one spot to fight fish away from it. I put the arm on my vexilar. Now I have the best of both worlds. Vex to Marcum and back to Vex. Happy once again.
  3. I fished with a buddies Hummingbird 55 and was very impressed with the easy to see big screen. Nice flasher setup. It was easy on the eyes also. I had to switch it to vex colors. Ill stick with my tried and true fl 20. But the hummingbird would be a close second.
  4. Its out on lake right now but I will try to post Pics or video of it coming up off ice.
  5. I prefer wood studs for ease of use. I actually think a little give is necessary when hopping over ice. I also spay foam for extra strength. I would like to use smooth siding on my next house. Is it possible to use the tape on wood to hold siding on?
  6. Yes try to keep weight of house on axle not the tongue. You need to crank up house in rear first then raise tongue. Or you will bend your tongue. Opposite when lowering. Lower tongue then lower rear.
  7. I also removed hand cranks and went to northern tool and bought two electric winches. Holy cow that thing was froze down in mille lacs and it easily came up with no broken knuckles from hand cranks. Best thing I ever did. Plus makes it harder for some to steal. I have a plug in remote that I take with me. Not very expensive upgrade. I can't believe how great it works.
  8. I got 16 x 8 plus 3 ft v. So total of 19. Its a single axle w/ bigger spindles and wheels for weight. Pulls great. Frame all exterior walls first. Cut down 2 x 6 to 2.5 on ends for slope in roof. For v in front you will have short 2x6 perpendicular to rest of rafters in middle with two separate triangle sheets for roof. Hope that helps. Then frame interior walls after spray foam (Highly Recommend for drafts and strength. Don't forget to spray foam underneath covering every bit of metal for protection from rust. I also would coat interior with bedliner or rubber mat so your floor last for years to come. Just some thoughts for longevity.
  9. Your tongue has to be a certain lenth anyway might as well make it a v. I did a flat front for my first shack and it was a bear in the wind. I did the v on the second and now i have great storage and bathroom that I woundn't have with a flat front. Also my second frame was from miltona blacksmith. Great price and great people. The only thing I would do is beef up the tongue size a little. If i did it again I would do something like 2x4 for tongue and all the perimeter. 2 x 2 for cross members. That way when you lower the house its not sitting on all the slush from drilling and the outside is sealed from wind. Only the outside frame is resting on ice.
  10. Good choice on purchase. Now you wont have to worry about upgrading.
  11. Couple of things. First great frame for the money. Well built, all the welds look good, and the axle and wheels are strong. We bought one last year. 8 ft wide by 16 long. I would like to see a stronger tongue. we beefed ours up by adding a 2x2 under the existing. I know it doesn't sit perfect but can't really tell when its on the ice. I just had a little flexing where it meets the frame. Next I wish they had put ss cable on the winches. Every thing is rusting really bad and i keep spraying with lube to slow it down. Also the ends of the axle almost need some kind of cover with grease to prevent rust build up there. A grease zirt would have been nice also. All in all nice trailer. Just expect to do a little customizing when you get it home. Paint and seal all the joints. We spay foamed the whole bottom so didn't need to paint the whole thing. I think that spray foam is a wonderful thing for the bottom to protect and insulate the floor. I would buy one again just ask when its built to use a 2x3 for tongue. Don't nedd 2x3 everywhere. Just adds weight. By the time your done spray foaming the bottom its all uneven anyway. I will also be upgrading the cables prob next year. Thats all.
  12. Use a razor sharp fillet knife. You need some small clamps to hold a metal ruler (guide) in place. Just score it half way through the first time. Then cut all the way through the second time. If your blade is sharp it cuts easy just be careful. Table saw is too messy.
  13. I know that steel and aluminum corrode when they come into contact whith each other. Don't know for sure whether the pole barn screws would or not. I was wondering if you are going to run your sheets down past the trailer which is steel also? Do most people run it all the way to the bottom?
  14. Yes still available. Those are the pics I have for now. I did install new stereo with 6x9s and mp3 player recently. Come take a look. Brent 651-755-6629
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