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  1. I have a deep cycle that sat on the garage floor for 2 years. I picked up a charger from black and decker at FF for 45$. Jury is still out but, the reading I did said it could take a month to recondition the battery. The new chargers are nice, has option for gel wet and another batt. type. you can check the voltage at the press of a button. My other charger is old though. Autographed by Henry Ford I think.
  2. yeah another give away.. to bad about the non call at the end, guy grabbed the receivers arm with both hands .. thought they might pull it out and score to tie it.
  3. sealing it will make it easier to clean.Basically it's putting a clear coat over the top to protect it. Do a litte looking on line to see what they recommend for the slate. Grout sealers may or may not be what you need. You can seal the grout for sure. When slate was very popular 30 years ago, "slate dressing" was used. Not sure if that is recommended now or not. gl Dan
  4. Liar


    that was ugly. they tried to give it away. do they get bonuses based on point spread?
  5. I saw a couple of guys a month ago filling up on bass. I doubt it was for a tourney, not many boats on the lake... I didnt say anything, not my business really. But good goes with bad. Orchard has a Do not eat bass rating, mercury. I won't keep anything from there. As frustrating as it is sometimes it is a DNR issue. There must be people keeping bigger fish, it's gone down hill in the last few years.
  6. the key to getting a good caulk job with silicone is to cut the tip off to leave a small opening. 1/8 inch or less if you can. You may have to use a small wire to pierce the foil seal inside the top. I keep a t-shirt type rag, not a towel, they leave fuzz, handy. I dip or wet my finger with a sponge and push down fairly hard to leave a small bead on the surface. Some of the silicone will leave a thin film outside the bead. I wrap the rag around my finger once and go over the bead turning the rag each time. That should remove most of the excess caulk. Be sure to move the gun along at a slow pace to fill the crack, leaving as little extra as possible. It's easier to go over it again to fill it than it is to wipe off a bunch of excess caulk. As for the faucet area. Your original question (duh). I fill in as much as I can with the gun, usually you can get most of it from each side. You can change the angle of the gun to go around handles, sprayers and such. For the spots that youre unable to get the gun at, I put some on my dry finger tip and go over the crack. Its a litty messier, but the rag on the finger will clean it up nice. Once you get started try to move along the whole wall, to the corner, once silicone starts to set up it will get ripples in it if you run your finger across it.
  7. Be sure to test an area in a corner or out of the way first. I have not had any problems with the method below. use a single edge razor blade for the tile. scrape down with a slight angle toward the left or right. Buy a lg pack of blades if you have a decent sized counter. Dull tools cause injuries. If the countertop is granite or tile use same procedure, only go towards the backsplash. If your countertop is formica or has a wood top to the backsplash, you have to be careful, I would NOT use a blade on formica or the wood. One more thing there are two types of caulk basically, latex and 100% silicone. You will be able to tell because the silicone will stay rubbery forever. The latex on the other hand turns hard. after several years the latex caulk loses it's moisture and is much tougher to remove. The above detail is for silicone caulk, hard latex will be a chore. You should wear safety glasses in case a blade were to break. Good luck. Dan
  8. It depends, is it gauged or irregular? By that I mean is the surface just rough or do you have different layers showing? If you have irreg. you will have 90 degree corners on the surface that will take more time to clean. Irregular is time consuming and tough to smear the grout in without having it get into the corners on the surface. A good sealer will help with clean up, it allows more time for the grout to be on the surface without drying on. You can clean the face of the tile while the grout is soft, just stay back from the grout joint. You need to be sure it sets up in the grout joint before you wash the joint down, it should be firm when you touch it before you wash it. Most joints vary with slate, making the wider areas prone to "washing out" making the grout lower than the top of the tile. I would clean the face of the slate while the grout is still fresh, you wont get it perfect, you will have a haze on the tile, you can clean that up with the final wash after the grout joints have been washed. Be sure to get all of the haze off the tile after a couple of hours.. using a bag to grout the tile is tough on your arms but you don't need to use any water. Fill the grout joint slightly over the top of the tile, being sure to fill the joint with no air trapped under the grout. When the grout has set up, firmer than using the water method, you would take a piece of wood, ( I use the handle to a countertop broom) and strike the joint. This removes the excess grout from the joint. You then use a SOFT bristle broom to sweep the excess grout off the tile and off the floor. Hope that helps. Dan
  9. Matty, Just had a problem with mine.(older minnkota) I was told by the guys at the motor clinic that if there is no power at all to the unit, it's the fuse. When you have one function ( head moves but no power or vice versa) but not the other it is internal. I am sure that one of the shops north of the cities can fix it and relay the info to the manuf. for you. I hope minnkota will take care of it, not that old.
  10. Being a "newbie" for 2 1/2 makes me the red haired stepchild. Dan
  11. I don't know if I could find it again Bob, but I did see a chart once with the percentages for knot strength. I think the monos break near their weight and the superlines break much above. I had a chance to fish the fireline crystal next to flurocarbon snells. I got just as many bites with the fireline snells as my son did with the fluro. Same hook and bead. I'll still have some fluro snells with me but for now I'm going to use the crystal. Dan
  12. I dont know about anyone else , but no sinker is "no snag" on the river. at least not for me. I really havent fished lakes in the last 5 years. Someone else might have used them before. Dan
  13. I have snagged most of the structure in the MN river I think. Like TO said. main thing is not to put all that pressure on the rod. I have a small piece of wood I wrap the line around and pull till the tree comes up or the hook straightens. If you havent found out already, pulling the line by hand is a no-no. Dan
  14. well UJ I'll give you credit for making someone post for the first time. welcome Cletus. Just a wild guess but if a guy named "Cletus" has not had that prob. that may cover the rest of us. (just kidding of course Cletus). UJ you need to get out and do some fishin. Dan
  15. Well this wont be much of a report. The winds would not stop. 20-30 both days we tried to fish. Thursday we tried several spots from shoe, 3 fish was all 7 of us could do. Friday my son and I went to the damm. Found the fish and picked up a 16 and 19 right away. Then they shut the water off, tried for 3 more hours with just a couple of bites. Had enough of the 0 wind chill and headed back to the hotel. With no change in the weather on Saturday, we opted to head home at 10:30 in the morn. Wish I could give you a better report but not much fishing done. Dan
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