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  1. i just got some fireline crystal. do you guys use backing on it or do you just out it on?
  2. yea i think that is right. if your not keeping any fish after you limit out, you should be fine.
  3. walleyedude

    How Fast?

    does anyone know how fast the boats on the FLW go? my roommate has been trying to tell me they go 90 and i just dont believe it, so any help would be awsome.
  4. last year i had the worst and funniest day at the same time. Me and some buddies were out on prior lake catchin a bunch of crappies and it got dark out so i took out my lantern and lit it, and both the mantles fell off. so i had to monkey around in the dark putting new ones on, and in the confusion the towel connected to me started on fire on my heater. so i ran out of the house trying to put it out and had to jump into a snow bank. then later that night when we decided to pack up i went to stand up and forgot that my phone was on my lap and PLOP! right down the hole. i watched it on my vex the whole way down. but we did bring home a nice batch of keepers so it wasnt so bad.
  5. why dont i see them on the HSOforum? i looked in the catalog section and all it has is fall ones?
  6. i have the fl-12 pro pack. i love it i have no complaints about it and it works great. the only thing i did was take the takle box out because i didnt want my jigs to get wet.
  7. I have one and i have used it a total of maybe 4 times in 3 years. it dosent really change the bait enough especially when your fishing deep water. i would say just get a normal rod and jig it hard, once you find a grove it works good.
  8. has anyone used one of these? how do they work and do they hold enough minnows?
  9. how bout a Mad Bomber hat. they are warm and look cool too.
  10. So what does everyone want to get under the tree? since i already bought my vex. i just want a bunch of jigs and spoons and a nice walleye combo, maybe a genz stick
  11. walleyedude


    How do you guys keep you shiners alive? i spent about 12 bucks on shiners this week and i only have like 4 left alive, i dont know what to do.
  12. if you like outdoor books anything by bob cary is good.
  13. I have a frabill cruser 200 and they dont make the seats for them anymore what should i do?
  14. I found the best deal in the show 2 Chubby Darters for 5$. i picked up the last few
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