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  1. crackcrappie

    06 f-150 with a miss?

    could be bad plug they had problems with them breaking or change the boot on the coil they crack
  2. crackcrappie

    Toilet issue

    the hole in the tank were the flapper is may have something in it or your flapper is not working properly did you replace it with the same style that was in there before, being a maintenance person for 15 yrs in hated the fluid masters nothing but problems for the extra you pay buy same replacement parts
  3. crackcrappie

    Stolen Browning Citori

    check local pawn shops in your area
  4. johns auto parts in blaine use to help me on my 96 chevy truck just a poor chevy design again thats why i drive a ford now
  5. crackcrappie

    bald eagle

    does ant one have reports on bald eagle, was out on friday couldn't get portable up to windy want to put perm up on sat what thickness know the barries were put by police so more poeple won't go through
  6. crackcrappie

    Strikemaster Lazer mag ultra owners

    if you need replacements for strikemaster call Drock in new brighton mn best prices around
  7. crackcrappie

    Current Ice Report

    hows the ice on bald eagle catching anything, anyone fishing by the island northside straight out from the house