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  1. Looks like this only leaves one brand of house left on the market with real NorpacR2 fabric.
  2. Check out this true Minnesota Company! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kldbilt3sB8
  3. Any other input on this lake. I'd really like to give it a try. I run a 14' with a 20hp Beavertail with pods.. Am I going to have room to land it? If anyone who knows the lake ever wants to take me out there we can take my Rig!
  4. Anyone ever hunt this lake. Looks pretty thick. Hows the traffic? Is there any motor restrictions? Thanks
  5. R2-Tec is the name of the new shelter...The fabric is NorpacR2 with 3M Thinsulate. They have a site with more info!
  6. Hey guys, Just wondering if there is any outdoor archery ranges, open to the public in or near the west metro. I'm in Minnetonka. Just bought a new Instinct and want to get out and do some shooting. thanks in advance.
  7. Might want to try lowering your price...Unless it's the Insulated version, you can buy a new one for that price. Good luck...it's a well built house!!
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