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    Post Morel reports

    Fellow shroomers what are some other options other than drying morels.I'd like to try some different ways of preserving them to retain more of the fresh picked flavor!!Any help appreciated!!All I can say it's been one hell of a year so far!!We could use alittle rain though!No I don't live around the metro.You guys/gals should have a morel bonanza now!!Good shroomin' Jigster
  2. Looking for info on salmon fishing on Lake Michigan and names of guides someone has used.Also when is the best time to go?I'm looking for a place to fish out of on the Wisconsin or west side.Is it possible to do a salmon/walleye trip?Any info greatly appreciated!! Good fishin' Jigster

    Alligator Gar

    I used to live in San Antonio,TX. and Choke Canyon Res. south of there had monster alligator gar.I never tageted the gar but fished it many times for largemouth and white bass and you would see them quite often.My brother still lives in SA and guides waterfowl hunts on Choke,If you ever head down that way he could probably help ya out!! Good fishin' Jigster

    HELP - Disaster on the news last night

    Thought I had a bad day having a pike pull my fishing rod out of my hand and go down the hole,but to see your shack burnt to the ground!!Is there somewhere I can donate to the reward fund to catch these "YOU KNOW WHATS" I'm in!! Jigster

    Noisy generator Law!!

    What's your thoughts on this idea!!I think there should be a law if you're going to use a generator,you should have to keep it within 10 ft. of your icehouse!You don't want to listen to it, I sure the hell don't!What gets me are the people that run 50-100ft cords and set them near my house!I'm just venting because last night a guy did this, I got so [PoorWordUsage]ed at midnight I went home!! That or get a Honda!! Later Jigster
  6. Do any of you own one these bug suits?I tried a cheaper suit and wasn't happy with the results!Looking at the bug tamer plus,alittle more spendy but looks like it should work well.Any comments would be appreciated!Thanks Jigster

    Food plots and fertilizer and maintenance?

    Has anyone ever tried planting sugar beets in a food plot?I just recently ordered some seed and was going to give them a try.We just planted several other plots with different blends and was looking to see what works the best! Thanks Jigster

    Morels anyone?

    Found around 40 grays today!All found in the first spot.Should've quit while I was ahead.I checked several other spots with no luck.South facing slope with grass and dead elm.Plenty of moisture just need some warmer temps!! Good shroomin' Jigster

    Scopes on muzzleloaders?

    So what are everyones thoughts on this one!I just read there is a bill to allow Minnesotans to hunt with scoped muzzleloaders.With all the debate over deer management and quality of bucks,is this something we need?I understand the debates of a cleaner kill,but aren't the new inlines accurate enough.I don't know if I can support this one.While they're(politicians) at it, they may as well let us all use cross-bows instead of bow & arrow. Good huntin' jigster

    Chamberlain Area

    Anyone have any new reports!Lookin' to try it before the Easter rush!!Thanks for any info! Jigster

    Browning Gold

    I hate to say this,but man it's nice to know I wasn't the only one to deal with the Golds problems!I will not buy another Browning shotgun as long as I live.The one I had would not eject the 3 1/2's so I sent it back.Had it returned,took it out, same talk!Sent it back to Browning it took seven months before I got a new one.Talked about [PoorWordUsage]ed off!I'll stick to my 11-87 and replace a O-ring every 5 yrs. Good huntin',fishin',shootin'or drinkin' which ever you prefer!! Jigster

    T/C Encore Pistol

    I have a Encore in the .308 cal and the bark is worse than the bite! The thing about the Encore is once you have the frame you're options are endless.Handgun,rifle,blackpowder or shotgun as long as you are willing to purchase other stocks and fore-ends.I just set mine up with the 50 cal. muzzleloader barrel and it's a tack driver. Also for those of you who shoot T/C Encores or other comparable handguns,what kind of groups can you shoot at given yardages.Just curious!! Tripper, How do you like the 7-30 Waters? Good shootin' and huntin' Jigster
  13. Jason,thanks for the report!Hopefully your next trip will be better.Maybe I should of left my ice house on Red another week or two!! Good fishin' Jigster
  14. Iceguy or anyone else fishing Francis Case?Put the fish house away and looking to hit some soft water.Any updates and info greatly appreciated!Good fishin' Jigster

    White Turkeys

    We have a group of 20-30 turkeys feeding near our property.Several of them have white mixed in with their natural colors.I know it isn't because of the snow or to blend in with the snowcover because they retain this color in summer and fall also.They are not all white so I do not consider them albino!Just curious if anyone has any answers!! Thanks for any info! Good huntin' Jigster