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  1. Oh my If you have to put that much thought into this i think id stay home Ice fishing is not a hobby for you maybe try sewing or something like that. the shelter is just the start of the 200.00 bills
  2. Great i dont run my AC unit on the ice!!!!!!!!! And yes I do have one on top and 2 eu2000 When i tie them together i have 4000 watts really 3600 true watts and run the AC no problem. Did my research before i bought and will pay the extra for the Honda and they never miss a beat.
  3. Yea theres nothing worse then someone with a genetator that can be heard a mile away and the ignorate one that owns it has 500ft of extension cord strug out and now the generator is closer to me then him.
  4. enough said wingnutken. the bottom line YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!!
  5. Honda eu2000 quiet, nice to move around great generator also if you plan on using a coffee pot you will need a 2000 i had a 1000 honda and it would not run a coffee pot
  6. JaySt.cloud what number kingdome did you buy a 9630 or 9702 I am thinking about doing that also but not sure what one to buy?? Dish network you have to find 2 satilites and direct tv its only 1 i think dtv on the lake is easier to setup but just my 2 cents
  7. Sounds like king crow have had a few problems as well I have had a ice castle since they started and never had any problem but i dont run 75 down the road and 60 to my fishin hole many poeple pass me like im standing still and then wonder why the wheels fall off.
  8. Have had a new ICE CASTLE every year since they started making them and never had a problem very nice house just picked up my new one 8 by 24 tandom with shower. shoot me an email [email protected] I can point you in the right direction. Not cheap wood or products there are just as nice as the other manufactures out there. Whos to say Coldwater Crappie Guy is 15 minutes away for service work
  9. Unless it has a rear door you can put an ATV or Snowmobile in then it will need a trailer licences if you intend on hauling these things to the lake.
  10. I agree BigDaddy alot better things to do other then write tickets for someone trying to build a fish house. Yea a law is a law but have you ever been pulled over for speed and got a warning KatoMike of so i hope you paid for a ticket anyway since the LAW was broken
  11. If you have an extra hole get one of those Ice Wells they work great for bait.
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