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  1. He has kept this thuglike style of a football team together. His actions on the field and with the media are sometimes classless although he definitly can coach. Sounds like he simplified the defense. Seemed to have helped although we have alot more talent than years past. Offensive line still sucks!! Too many big slow guys that can't move fast enough to pass block. Just look at Denver. Smallest line in the league and they have a heck of an offense with an average QB. Lucky we have Johnson at QB. The mistakes that he does make doesn't cost us games. Prediction 8-8 with first round wild card loss.
  2. beefman

    Vikes Garbage

    Good win!! Team may pull together with a QB that can read a defense, although the Lions are terrible. Too bad our filthy mouth classless coach had to lead the team in a stupid song on national tv. That was terrible!! Just wondering if I was the only fan who saw that?
  3. beefman

    Vikes Garbage

    Anyone see the news regarding the vikes garbage? The saga continues. McKinney and Mewelde "Score" deny it. Coach Tice doesn't want to talk about it. How long does it take for Wilf to wake up and "crack the whip". Oh yeah, the whips & chains may have been left on the boat. Sorry, I should't have wrote that. But seriously, how long does it take for some type of crackdown. The longer this thing boils the worse this thing is going to get for everyone involved in the organization, from Zygi to the ballboy. Heck, this thing is even going to get worse for the prostitutes. It looks the fans and the media aren't going to quit on this one until coaches get fired, management changes, and players get released. So far since Oct. 10th there has been NOTHING!! It's been hard enough just living through the pain of losing 4 superbowls and some of the other ups and downs that go with this game but this is ridiculus. Enough venting. Just one more thing-- Vikes new slogan for their team song, "Skol Vikings", Change to "Score Vikings".
  4. beefman

    Robert Smith

    Word is that he admitted to smokin wacky weed too!!
  5. Guaranteed contracts and contract extensions should be banned from all minnesota sports franchises. Make these guys earn their money year by year. Remember Robert Smith? Good player, NO HEART!!
  6. Name her after a fishing lure. I just help name our daughter Hali after the lure.
  7. ESetter at Havelock ND, Like Radke22, I have one. She's great!! Was my first hunting dog. She had bagged 25 roosters before she was a year old with just pure instinct. After that first season my wife {a veterinarian}, took her to 6 one hr sessions of dog obedience training. The combination of the training and her natural instincts has made her more than I ever thought possible..
  8. I have a '04 Honda rancher 350 ES and my brother has a Bombardier. The rancher is very dependable and a great workhorse. The Outlander has a better suspension. Both 4x4's get used for ice and farm use where we see some rough terrain. Have had some warranty work done on the ES on the Honda.
  9. Hey Red, You have made a great discussion. I'm sure alot of other farmers like us would like to voice their opinion on these issues. The farmers are not to blame for duck hunters not being able to bang their limit everytime they go out. Isn't that the average duck hunters real issue. I'm not saying every duck hunter goes out to slaughter ducks every time out, but there are a few who do. Blame nature and some slob hunters!! Back in the fall of 1985, there were ducks everywhere because we had one of the wettest falls ever. I remember riding in the combine as a kid and watching Dad sit back and do the "ohh sh*t" because we would be combining around water in the corn and soybean fields. I also remember hunters asking to hunt and then shooting mallards by the dozens, hens or drakes. We had less wetlands and didn't even have CRP back then. What we did have was high water tables with high rainfalls. Just like eastern North and South Dakota have been having. What a coincidence that's where all the waterfowl have gone. The farmers and cowmen used to burn up by July up there now they are green till fall. Those years will come back here again and when they do I hope the DNR restricts the bag limits and take away every 4x4 truck for every duck that the slob hunters are over their limit!! John 3:16
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