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  1. Your asking a question I doubt any of us know, and can only speculate. Ovbiously none of us really gave it a whole lot of thought or concern or there would be no shortage of response to it. Smallmouth are also catch and release only from late fall to the close of the season. I dont like to be the devils advocate here Darren but I can totally see a serious problem with enforcement and poaching if we could target gamefish everywhere for catch and release during spawning periods. Too many people have the inability to resist temptation. The way the law is written now at least keeps the majority from going out and targeting out of season species and its far less to enforce, and far less poaching. Weve all seen people keep fish out of season that spend any amount of time on the water. How much more frequent will that be if everyone was out there fishing for them vs a couple? I agree with how the law is written now on most common gamefish species. Its not perfect, but perfect doesnt exist. On the other side of the spectrum we have those other species like Sturgeon that we need some change to allow angling opportunity, but until then we have channel cat fishing and general worm dunking.
  2. I've had CO's suggest that I relocate in the past when spring crappie fishing and bass kept grabbing my 1/32 oz jig and not crappies(wasnt getting any). He was nice about it but he could see I obviously wasnt targeting bass. Honestly I agreed with him because I was looking forward to a fish fry. Could he have rigthfully ticketed me? No. Could i have kept fishing there? Yes, but why? As for the topic that started this thread, Perch fishing the day before the walleye season opens to pre-fish walleyes? Do what you gotta do I guess but honestly I enjoy that thrill of the opening day hunt. Its part of the excitement and tradition to me, and I think my kids enjoy it as the same. Many are going to see pre-fishing in that situation as unethical, and that is quite a different scenerio of targeting early season white bass on the river. Fishing the river with currents and muddy water conditions require a larger heavier bait. Some will speculate and accuse you for targeting gamefish species out of season and sure you catch some incidently, but the same baits are required and highly effective for the in season species your targeting(White bass). This in my opinion is far different than another example given to tossing Bulldawgs in lake harriet on Pike opener for pike(there arent many pike in harriet but its prime musky water). Respectfully speaking people are doing what they know they arent supposed to be doing, but feel its justified by a simple lie to the CO... That comes down to your own Ethics if you choose to practice it or not, you know exactly what you are doing, im not going to judge anyone. I guess to me personaly I dont need that head start and I enjoy the thrill of the hunt... but I'll be chasing white bass and crappies as soon as the ice clears. If something else bites i'll reel it in too. I'm not sitting home until June because I might catch an out of season fish, but im not going to target them either. We cant really compare apples to oranges and expect it to be the same as a peach at the same time. Theres alot of different variables in this topic and a lot of different opinions on each of them. I highly question som eof the laws myself that are in place and thats why ive been trying to be active in helping to make neccessary change. On the same note just because a law is unreasonable, it doesnt neccessarily make it ethical to break it.
  3. You can get a great bite on channel cats if you can locate the schools. Dont expect the fish to come looking for your bait until the water warms up. DTRO made some really good suggestions. The fish typically bite lighter in the cold water however you will get one to hit a little more aggressively on occasion. Heavy walleye or bass rods are ideal and downsizing your presentation is key. Using the lightest weight possible and even downsizing to a #1/0 hook and using a stinger. They dont fight nearly as hard in ice cold water, too heavy of gear they will spin all the way in. The fish will usually concentrate to deeper holes somewhere that theres a regular food source and will not move far. Not every hole will hold fish. When you find them it usually doesnt take long to get a bite, they will also bite during the day but will have peak periods of the morning and afternoon. Shad and fatheads are my top cold water baits. Baits that are a little more rancid can be a bonus in the cold water.
  4. The backwaters in the area there are pretty tough to navigate as there is a ton of shallow areas in there. That stretch of the river can be quite productive and its gaining popularity the last couple years. I think with a little scouting you shouldnt have any problems finding a few new productive spots.
  5. Them prices are a little high.. but theres not much we can do but complain a little... too many bait shops going out of business around the cities.. its nice to have somewhere to get bait.. even if it is a little high. As of a few weeks ago.. the leeches at Trails End Bass Pro (Fridley) were at $6 and $8 for 1/2 pound of large and Jumbo leeches.. cheapest I have found around. Very nice/fresh leeches. They get them strait from the trappers.. just a heads up to everyone.
  6. For the length of time Power Pro last.. buy the bigger spool if your reel is high capacity... the money it will cost will be similar to that of quality mono.. because you dont have to change it all the time.. it far outlast mono. I would never have anything less than the 150 yards on any reel(unless the capacity is less)... with more than 150 yards preferred. In many cases, some of us long line troll, a few of us have rods that will cast 80 yards and that is what it takes to get on the fish... either way, when we have our line a mile out there, we do not want the line turning on the spool, or losing casting distance/performance of the reel... how many of us would rather fork over another $10 to be sure our reel is properly spooled? I'll pay $10 not to possibly lose a fish of a lifetime any day... especially when the line will last an entire season under heavy use. I do not tie directly to the spool with the superline.. I use mono, or a dacron backer.. maybe 10 yards.. enough so it will not slip under any circumstance.
  7. I just know that we have been pulling some really big fish out of some nasty debris on power pro. I am the only one having the landing success ratio this far.. and the 80# power pro is the ticket.. these have been fish up to 40 pounds landed in concrete, granite, rebar, 1 1/4" bolts sticking out of a wall, throw in some steel.. it is a fishermans nightmare. I still lose a rig here and there, but I havent had a fish break me off yet. I had one fish much larger than the 40 figure out a way to spit the hook back at me.. but I can live with that.. at least I didnt lose it to the snags. We have other rods spooled with fireline and mono.. and 40# and 50# power pro.. these lines did not hold up as well, but way better than the other lines of similar strength. The bad part about the 80# power pro.. sometimes you reel the snag in.. 100# trees, half full sand bag, etc(very hard on the hands).. and not to mention destroying hook points regularly, and straitening out many heavy wire hooks.
  8. My 14 1/2' Lowe boat I picked up for $100 gutted out.. just a rear bench and a nose piece in it that someone thought would support it? I invested about $50 into wood, another $65 into a used livewell(complete with removable bucket baitwell), 2 pumps, plumbing, fittings, and carpet remnants (THANKS VALV FOR ALL OF THIS). I found 3 good seats at a garage sale for $30. Pedistals and hardware cost me about $50.. but the seats are the way I wanted. Motors.. I found a 65# thrust trolling motor with maximizer at Motor Clinic that was an older model(6 years) that was completely rebuilt by them with warranty for $160. The origional 10 hp Merc was a freebie.. recently I got a 20 hp Johnson to put on it for a approx $200 trade. I used the trailer(tilt spartan with roller bunks) from my old boat, same with rod holders and other goodies, and invested a minimal $120 for an OK depth finder(I'm on a tight budget). Overall I spent around $1000 for a boat that I am very comfortable to fish out of, and I have most of the bells and whistles of the expensive boats that I cant afford. My top speed is only about 20 mph/outboard, or 6 mph with the trolling motor(great for inner city lakes).. and it didnt cost $15K-50K and it still allows me to catch fish in comfort. Not bad for a few dollars here and there when a deal pops up.
  9. Your not using the same section of line for each test after it fails are you? You using a new section of line each time? An the other question.. are you getting the line wet to tie the knots? In fishing situations.. your line is at least going to be somewhat wet.. many people go as far as to wet the line when tying(I dont). The only other question I have is.. how are you connecting the line to the scale?
  10. Fisher Dave


    There have been many topics similar to this recently.. and not so recently.. you may want to review them while people are feeding you new information. THere are lots of good GPS units out there.
  11. A shock test will be taken by mono.. it has stretch.. bungee cord effect... Overall Stren would win that test... I have seen stren stretch more than 10 feet in a 40' cast. A worthwhile test would be an *abbraision under load* test. This is something that is possibly more important than anything to guys fishing for big cats, or any heavy fish where cover is an issue. It would be pretty simple.. tie the line off to something heavy and drag it over a cinder block, tree branch, rock.. etc. Some of the test may not come out right due to the line digging in(tree).. but you may find some interesting results. I know for a fact Fireline does not hold up well to debris in the river.. for example.. big fish on, line hits concrete, line breaks. Power pro seems to hold up very well... especially in the 80 lb test... It is too often that Fireline breaks on me with little to no pressure when snagged... its obvious it is on an abbrasive surface, or sharp rock. I will not use fireline anymore. 80# might sound like overkill to some people, but its not when your fishing in a concrete and rebar jungle and there is a 40# fish on the other end... It is comparable to a 4 lb fish on 8 lb test... a 4# fish has no problem breaking 8# line if your drag is too tight. Another odd test.. but worthy.. tie a knot in different brand lines in the middle of the line.. attatch one end of the line to an anchor point, and pull on the other.. see which line holds up. I have had some great results with power pro when I had a knot in the line(4 year old son was using rod) and the line held up to many very decent size fish when daddy was too busy to change it... then I avoided re-rigging because I seen it was holding up.
  12. Fisher Dave


    Rushing .. I bought one of the baitrunner type salt strikers for my ol' lady.. It is a very smooth reel this far and has worked great.. It will engage(sp?) when you hit the crank, or the release lever. The clutch(anti backreel) is very solid, the gear ratio is about perfect, and the handle is oversized and very comfortable. The only downfall about the reel is the clicker is a little quiet for me (I am really 70% deaf).. but I do hear it if I'm not too far away. The bait feeder is very smooth along with the drag, and a bonus is the tension can be adjusted to VERY light if desired, or very heavy if preferred in heavy current with monster bait.. and the tension of the bait runner does not put extra tension on the retrieve like on a baitcaster. The Salt Striker she has is equivelent to the Okuma EB50, but her gear ratio is slightly lower on hers than the actual Okuma production model in that size.. unless I got the info confused.. either way, it is easy to crank with some serious power. Ths far, I would recommend anyone looking for a good spinning reel for cats to get one.
  13. Derrik.. I have done test like these.. the hardest way possible.. by fishing. Many super lines are not very Knot friendly, or only friendly to certain types of knots. For example, Fire Line I only have luck with the polamer knot.. other knots on the lighter line class of Fire Line will snap before you get it cinched. I have had the best luck with Power Pro out of all that I have tried. I have 80# power pro on my cat/musky rods, and 10 lb on a couple other all around, and walleye rods. I use the polamer knot, but it is good with other knots as long as the knot is tied properly. The PP knots will slip out if a knot isnt tied correctly... for example, the knot that you * put it through the eye, wrap around the line 7 times, put line through loop by eye, then back through the other loop*... if you get lazy and dont come back up through the 2nd loop.. the knot will slip out every time.
  14. Not in Minnesota.. but it wouldnt surprise me in other states.
  15. Fisher Dave

    How far up?

    I know there are some people who use floats along VISABLE snags.. log jams, etc.. I have watched flatheads many times in tanks (cabelas, etc) and observed their actions for a while.. I am sure many of us have stared at fish in tanks.. I did notice they are always tight to the bottom, or elevated tight to some type of structure.. log, etc. I have seen flatheads in backwaters moving across the surface like an alligator more than once, an done time I did witness one feeding on a school of minnows on the surface and breaking the water.. it nearly came out of the water.. it was a sight. Fishing a float could be deadly in the right place.. but I am not sure if the right place is letting it drift up to a log jam.. unless you hook your 400# line to a winch to drag the fish out immediately, what are the odds that the fish WONT run directly back into the cover.. that would be frustrating. I think I know the situations(places) your thinking of trying it.. its worth a try. THere are other alternates to bottom rigs that will pull your bait away from the bottom other than 3 way rigs.
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