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  1. While searching through navigation apps, I ran across FlyToMap. Anyone used this app? Claims to have marine, parks, hunting land areas, etc.
  2. Was thinking about cutting the ends or maybe just splitting the ends of the pole enough to get the clip in and re-crimp with vise. Good advice on heating the pole up as well, thanks.
  3. I have an older otter lodge with the 3/4" white clips on the poles and recently broke a couple. I bought a pack of the new black replacement clips but having a hard time getting them into the poles. The old white clips had a groove in the base where the pole was crimped around, the replacements have no such groove. Any tips to get the base pushed past the crimps in the pole or somehow flattening out the crimps?
  4. Heard story back in the day of a guys black lab diving for a fish through a spearing hole and popping up in another houses hole close by. Not sure I can believe that on though...
  5. Kirsch, thanks for the info and quick replys.
  6. Thanks for the info Kirsch! One more question... is the MN lake list updated on your site? I didn't see Vermillion, Mille Lacs or Upper Red Lake.
  7. Been reading up on the MNTRAX product and it sounds great. I do have a few questions. I have both the older etrex legend (no chip) and the new colored etrex legend hcx (microSD) and use mapsource software with both. Would the disc/software version of MNTRAX also work with both of these units? If I went with the microSD card and only used it with the legend hcx, do my waypoints/routes save to the microSD card or internal memory on the unit? Could I plug the unit into my computer and be able to see the lake contours when I opened up mapsource? I like using mapsource to mark out spots/routes first and just transferring to the unit. Does the $20 upgrade charge also apply to the disk/software? Thanks.
  8. Quote: Fish in Hand is Fish in Possession when it comes to the DNR. I would say living fish in livewell, stringer, etc. or dead fish in livewell, stringer, cooler, freezer, etc. is having possession. Just by catching a pre-season bass or walleye while fishing crappies shouldn't make you guilty! If this were the case, we'd need the same year round season for every species.
  9. Smart move by Marcum having the upgrade, one reason I bought the Vex instead was the colors being easier to read.
  10. Read an article in Esox angler that said the north end is the place to be early season. Shallow out for a long ways - gives a big area for water to warm with the sun out.
  11. Not need to get too in depth with any answers... but what is another difference (besides name on rod) between a Compre and St. Croix Premier? Both IM8 graph., fuji eyes and reel seat. One priced starting at 80 the other 120...
  12. Anyone have experience using the convergence/compre rods by Shimano? Picked up 2 (convergences) at a nice discount at Thorne Bros this weekend, just wondering if a Guide Series or the entry level St. Croix would be a better investment. Thanks in advance for any input.
  13. Thanks for the advise guys, i'm going to head over to Thornes tomorrow and check some things out. Also, thanks for the heads up on the Catala, i've only used it for bass so far so maybe i'll trade it and get another Abu.
  14. just starting out and have 2 reels (abu C3 & shimano catala) that need a rod to match. will mostly be throwing bucktails, spinners, & some topwaters - but would like 2 different/universal rods for other lures also. looking at the gander guides series right now, just don't know what length, action would be best. thanks for any input!
  15. I'm new to the sport (half dozen outings or so, with 1 42" on a bionic bucktail), but now have a good shopping list from you guys, thanks!
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