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  1. Baldy's Baits

    "Muskies for Everyone"

    You were probably looking at a Castaic Swim Bait or something similar. Bunch of companies out there now making this type of bait. Started out in California for BIG bass fishermen, but they realized there is a market for these baits among musky fishermen also.
  2. Baldy's Baits

    What new toys did you buy at the Extreme Expo???

    The Weagle is not an easy bait to work. Rod, line, and leader are very important with this lure. I use my 7'6 MH Premier with a solid steel leader. Work it slow with alot of slack.
  3. Baldy's Baits

    Hooks on a Tip Up

    I only fish tipups for pike... The hook depends on the bait I am using. Dead bait I go with a quick strike, this is mainly just to keep the bait in the right position in the water. Live bait I use a single treble in the back near the dorsal fin. No need to wait on the fish at all with either of these rigs.
  4. Baldy's Baits

    Tip up

    I usually just bite the tails off the suckers. They struggle more without much movement. I have also rigged a couple tipups with offshore releases for those really big minnows. Just drill a hole in the tipup and use some leader wire to attach an offshore release. Clip the line in there and you are all set.
  5. Baldy's Baits

    Bullheads For Bait - Bad News!!

    got a bullhead in my fish tank at home. bought him at a pet store. Not too sound ignorant, but what is the rule on bull heads for bait in MN? I think muskies may like em too...
  6. Baldy's Baits

    Jointed or Solid? Colors?

    Topraider or Super Topraider? Get one of each...they both shine at different times.
  7. Baldy's Baits

    How to keep minnows

    Got a 50 gallon tub in the garage for keeping minnows. A couple aerators for oxygen and small aquarium heater to keep the ice off, and you are all set. These minnows also serve as food for my aquarium fish so I have a bunch at a time.
  8. Baldy's Baits


    I like Mepps and Blue Fox for this, but I mostly make my own when I cant find what I want. Shoot me an email and maybe I can whip you something up...
  9. Baldy's Baits

    Tip ups and circle hooks

    I tried them on my pike tipups last year and was not satisfied with the results. I had a couple gut hooked fish and then I gave up. I will no longer fish with any hook that has to be swallowed to be effective. Stick with a single treble for livebait and a quick strike rig for dead bait. If fished correctly there is virtually no chance for either of these to gut hook a fish.
  10. Baldy's Baits


    I like 'em. I raised alot of fish this year when nothing else would get them going. They are fairly bouyant so you can work them nice and slow. Give them a shot, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Big pike like 'em too.