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  1. Alumacraft 175 with a 115 hp 2 or 4 stroke.
  2. Take it to a Toyota mechanic. No sense in changing things to see if it corrects your problem.
  3. I miss my 3:73 rear end LOL!!! Sure it is a little harder on the gas but not much. I currently have the 3:42 rear end and you have to drive it with your foot because it keeps downshifting. Not so with the 3:73, just set the cruise.
  4. Had sort of the same thing happen on a Chevrolet car and it turned out to be a valve in the transmission to the tune of $300 which was and still is a heck of a lot cheaper than a new tranny. Have it checked out by somebody that knows what they are doing. You aren't going to fix it by adding some miracle additive. Mike
  5. The snow won't be a problem for pulling a sled. It's been warm and a lot of the snow on the ice is gone where it has been travelled on. It's been an evening bite for me. The crappies are off of the bottom. The yellows have been small for me. Wax worms and small minnows.
  6. Ice is about 5 inches thick. We had some warm weather and I haven't seen a truck on the ice since. The lake ice opened up a lot. I've been catching yellows, walleyes and perch in about 10-12 feet of water. All small fish. 4 wheelers are on the ice but not many. Slow bite tonight with small yellows and perch. Mike
  7. I have the 2011 Silverado and the manual calls for 5w30 Dexos which is a GM brand. It is not a full synthetic oil and I believe there are other brands that are not full synthetic also. So I think it would be OK to even use Mobil 1 which is full synthetic. I have my truck serviced by Chevrolet because they are convenient to schedule with and their prices are very competitive with the local shops. I asked about the "remaining oil life sensor" and was told that it reads how many start-stop cycles the engine goes through, if it reached warm-up temp during operation and how many hours of operation were recorded. My service advisor told me it would be OK to go over the 3,000 miles between changes as long as the oil level was within normal range. I started going beyond the 3,000 mile recommendation about 2 years ago. I just checked my truck and there is 4,300 miles on the oil with 46% of the oil life remaining so I will get it changed in the next week or so. Mike
  8. NCLaker, Thanks for the information. It seems like everywhere I fish has more wind than I like!! A friend of mine just bought a 6 person hub so we'll see how that works out. Mike
  9. I bought a new shelter 2 weeks ago. I had an Otter Lodge flip over several years ago and really liked it. I looked at hub style shelters and really like the portability but decided to go with the Otter Pro XT Cabin. It's actually bigger than I need. I bought the Otter Cabin because I do fish with my friends and I wanted the room for them, although it may be a little cramped. I think the problem with hub shelters for me is the wind. How in the heck do you set them up by yourself in the wind??? I didn't see a hub that would fit my needs. I have several friends that have hubs and they like them BUT most of the time they fish with somebody else, like me, who helped them anchor the hub. My 1st shelter was a 2 man Shapelle, suit case style, which was actually a nice shelter. I could but it up by myself in the wind as long as I remembered to drive over the rope with the truck LOL!!! Just point one of the doors into the wind and open it up and POP you could put the poles in without much trouble. Probably pretty much like a hub as long as you have one end anchored??? What are your friends using??? Ask questions on how they like their shelters, go to an ice fishing show and check out what's available and then base your decision on your instincts. Probably not much help, just my thoughts. Mike
  10. Several of the guys I fish with tie there own. I have watched them do it and if I remember correctly they used drink swizzle sticks and what ever type of line they have. Seems to work good but I don't have the patience they have. LOL
  11. 50 miles isn't that far anymore. If you need something from Cabelas then it will be worth it. At the very least it's time spent checking things out. Report back on what you thought of the sale.
  12. I've finally gotten to the age where all I use is the electric start!!!
  13. I agree!! Sleds aren't that expensive when it comes to having to drag something that catches snow and ice making it harder to pull.
  14. "A new boat with very low hours on the motor". If it was properly winterized I wouldn't worry about the lower unit but bad gas can really mess things up. I would contact the servicing shop with your questions. Even then it is a question of "do you trust them"??? Chances are they are going to see you again and this time of year they are busy so the standard answer is "it's going to be just fine"
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