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  1. Thanks. But Id appreciate more info if anyone wants to share.
  2. Just purchased a boat, motor, trailer. Looking for a top line graph to install on it. I'm sure this has been discussed, A LOT; tried looking backa few pages and nothing jumped at me. If possible, I'd like to use a unit for ice fishing too....but not 100% necessary. Thanks
  3. Harv

    Tiller boats

    I have a 16' Northwoods (98) tiller model; it has 4 seats (including one next to motor). Sits 5 of us just fine; youngest sits on the side storage area, or we bring a small chair to sit on.
  4. I wish I owned my own land...I'm jealous of what all of you own.
  5. I'm glad you put together this topic. I pulled my portable out and have it in the garage and want to add some compartments in the tub. I have a Eskimo QF II with the bench seat. 1. Has anyone taken the bench seat out and replaced it with 2 seats? 2. I'm debating on whether or not to take the poles off the tub while I'm working. I know it would be easier to get to the tub; but how much of a pain will it be / is it to take them off and put them back on? Thanks!
  6. The ice castle "special" "Stinger" at 10,600
  7. If I can get a 2011 ice castle 6.5 x 14 for $8,500; would that be considered a good deal?
  8. sorry...found the "consumer reports on wheel houses" thread
  9. What is your favorite wheel house? I appreciate all your opinions, and apologize if this is thread is alraedy brought up. I'm starting to research the prices, etc. and would like to know what you FM'ers have and/or experienced. thanks
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