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  1. To be called a purse it has to be one of two things. 1: Too small to hold more than a 1/8 oz jig; 2: So big it could almost fit a portable fish house in it. If you carry the purse back to the auto, make her carry the fish and clean em when you get home.
  2. does it have a sperate pocket for your "feminine napkins", if so, then go back to the bucket.
  3. I have used mine a few times now. I really like it, and like you this was my first ice fishing electronics item. I find it very easy to read. I could see my bobber stop bead sliding down my line last time I was out. As for the concerns of it going down the hole, yeah it is probably possible, I built a little base for mine to sit in out of wood. I wish it had 1 foot increments rather than 5 foot increments. Interference with a vex right next to me wasn't bad once I got used to it. I also wish the buttons had backlighting, l.e.d. headlamp works. I have noticed the last couple of times out that it seems to have a hard time finding the depth in the digital readout, not the graph, like it is searching for the proper depth, which would not be good for those who move alot and want quick readings. All in all I really like the unit and the price is right. I say go for it, if nothing else, return it.
  4. Personally, I don't feel the number of posts justifies anything. I don't have many posts on this site, and I would never make up a story as tragic as this one. It may or may not be true, only the posters know, I think the idea of having donations go to charities is a bit of proof that this may be true, but it may not. I just hope that if I were to have the unfortunate luck of having a story like this one to post, that it would not automaticaly be assumed that I am lying. If you don't want to donate, then don't. I am only on this site during the winter, I only ice fish, that is the reason for my low number of posts.
  5. Plug the charger into a surge strip, that should guard against killing the charger. Has anyone considered a solar battery charger to mount on their roof? I would think it would be extremely economical, assuming no one would steal your solar panel, but that way it would charge all day long.
  6. They tend to "jump off" of the back and bust into 154,986,000 pieces when they hit the road at 60 mph. MJ Don't take this the wrong way, but you counted? Are you sure you picked up ALL the pieces?
  7. I can tell you that I have 27" ITP Mudlites and I like them for trail riding, but have never had chains on them. I am waiting in hopes that the chains will get discounted as spring approaches. Obviously, the bigger tire, the more expensive the chains. Maybe look into the Mudlite XTR, they are radials and the tread looks like it would hold chains well.
  8. Wife let me buy a Aqua-Vu VPG and a Garmin Legend Cx GPS. Oh and a Big Buddy heater. Finally got her to go out on the ice with me today, what a great way to enjoy the gifts. Oh, and she said we are going shopping tomorrow to find some deals, although the deals always look better to me. Merry Christmas.
  9. I've only used my Big Buddy twice, but I like it. I had a 5ft hose for my sunflower, I bought the filter to avoid any future complications, and away we go. I'm happy with the purchase. Two of my friends have had the Big Buddy for two years now, neither have ever used the filter and both work fine.
  10. Target has a Coleman tent fan with 2 speeds, and two light modes. Main light-four white leds, night light-one amber led. I hung it on the pole above my head in the center of my frabill, works great for lighting my table I made and moves alot of air. It's quiet also. I believe it was $20-$25, so it's not cheap but works great, runs on four d cell batts. I do like the computer fan idea though.
  11. Tried mine out tonight, with my buddie and his vex sitting next to me (in the same portable), very little interference once I got the noise reduction dialed in. Once he walked out to check some other areas, about 7-10 feet away, interference stopped. My buddy seemed somewhat impressed. This is my first sonar that I've used, it is easy to get the hang of what is going on and how to set it up. Buddies vex trasnducer clicks just as loud as my VPG (side by side comparison). Two things I think need improvement are; 1-more detail in the depth column, 5ft increments, would like 1ft; 2-need backlighting behind the soft keys, difficult to see in the dark. I will be contacting Nature Vision with these thoughts. The ice mode actually really heats the LCD screen, very warm to the touch, not hot, but warm. I would say I am happy, picked up my jig with no probelm, picked up fish moving through with no problem, very quick response time (jigging). For me, it was well worth it, I really like the digital depth readout on the bottom of the screen. I would recommend to anyone looking for an inexpensive sonar that will get the job done. Also, for anyone fishing Lake Waconia and intersted in a VPG, Mases Inn Towne Marina had one there tonight for $219, I paid $229 at Cabela's. I like it.
  12. I've done it, the butts on the ice. These posts have made me realize what I am doing. I now use the little plastic dishes that waxies and eurolarvea come in, it has a lid to keep the smell down. Very ironic, I hate the smell of extinguished cigs, yet I smoke, I think it is obvious that I'm an (Contact Us Please). NOT saying smokers are idiots. I can't think of one time that I have ever left, intentionally or unintentionally, other trash on the ice. I always just throw my trash in my portable sled and drag it back with me. Tonight walking out on Lake Waconia, passed a spot where there must have been 25-30 butts laying there, they were frozen in so I could not do anything about it, but it is disgusting. All we can do as sportsmen/women is clean up everything we can, weather it's ours or someone elses. Last thought, for those who smoke 20-30 cigs in an evening, how can you even breathe, and they must not be catching fish to have the time to puff away. I smoke less when I'm fishing than I do any other time. Hey, what a perfect quit smoking plan, sorry honey, can't leave the ice, I may want a smoke, it's therapy.
  13. When my buddies and I go fishing it is purely for the enjoyment of being out of the house (the house on land, where I keep my none fishing belongings, and wife), It is funny to see people migrate towards us when we are pounding the itty bitty sunnies. We make all sorts of havoc when we are off by our selves just to see the fish houses get closer and closer, I figure it helps draw the mini sunnys away from us. I also like to go out to get some use out of the expensive equipment I hardly ever use.
  14. Was at Cabelas last night, they were out of their version of the Marcum, no idea if they would see any more this year. Told the guy I wanted to spend under $300, he kept pointing me at Vexilar and the more expensive Marcum. Finally got him to show me the Aqua-Vu VPG, which he than said was as good and better in SOME ways than the Vex or Marc. I did get the VPG, price was right. Anyway, it is amazing how many Vexilars they had left. I would figure Vex would outsell Marcum mainly due to name recognition. Side note: I can't stand the Minnetonka Gander; too small, cluttered, limited supply.
  15. Picked up the VPG tonight at Cabelas, $229. Not too bad of price I don't think. I am going to check the battery connections as soon as I am done with this post. I am not a die hard fisher, nor do I really care what I catch, I just want to get out there, use the hundreds of dollars in equipment that I have purchsed, and know there is fish down the hole. I wanted something easy to use and this looked like it was it. I will hopefully get out Thursday and reply how it worked for someone who has never used any kind of depth/fish finder/sonar. See, I don't even know what to call it. Cabelas said I have 30 days to see what I think. I'll post with reaction, possibly be next to my buddy with an FL-8, we'll see. Good Fishin!
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