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  1. Kyle and I went West yesterday, Kyle did good and I had the worst day on the ice but I have no complaints. It was nice to finally do something besides sit around the house and it figures I'm 75% healed and ready to fish and mother nature kicks me in the nuts with this heat wave coming... WTH
  2. No Jay, I had to send the police to his house to tell him hunting season doesn't start until Oct. 1..... LOL
  3. I'm here, I'm here!!!!!! Been busy with work, fishing and family..... Been Fishing tourneys
  4. What if this unit had down image and side image plus all the features of the LX-7? Now I would buy that in a heart beat, it would go in my boat and my sled all year long.....
  5. If we are in a tourney and that thing breaks down and you don't have a backup we are done, I'll divorce you. LOL
  6. Gander in Cicero had Marcum LX-7's and camera's....... OOOOMMMMGGGGG!!!!!!! Played with the 7 for awhile..... lol
  7. Looks awesome but how do you put it on a hopper... LOL As much as I want one I picture myself using it in the boat more, will there be a transom or trolling motor transducer?
  8. Sorry I've been gone for so long. The season is looking good so far, Team Worm has taken the first 2 tourneys and has a huge lead for Team Of The Year and a good chance at a birth to the Cabela's National's. I told my partner at the end of last year and before the tourney started this year that I don't care if we take first or not but I want to be consisant to get good points so we have a chance at Team of the Year. We haven't been bring the camera with us but we are now going to and get good pictures on the water. Here's the only picture I have ofthe 2 hogs (22" and 21") that went 3.21 lb
  9. Looks like we are done, killed the sunfish on Sat and Sunday. Knew the shore was bad on Sunday and was able to get on without going in but knew better coming off so I packed light and brought the life vest. Sure enough I took a swim...... The jet sled did good for I balanced everything and strapped everything good, I even brought a big zip lock, grocery bags and tape to cover up the Marcum. LOL
  10. Hi Tank, I'm fishing (not as much as I like to) but most of the time it's been pre-fishing for tourneys. I'm actually excited to go out this weekend and fish, I'm thinking about trying some new area's on Oneida for some pan fish.
  11. Thanks Tim, We should have been on that spot Saturday also but we out thought ourselfs but it worked out because we would have had a crowd with us on Sunday for sure if we won on Saturday. The kicker part is my buddy steve found the same fish and was only 30 yards off the fish and I told him to check shallow because I think they are getting pushed in from the pressure. They saw a few crappies and caught one so Kyle and I decided to hit it first thing in the morning and get our gills (bigger ones in that area) and then run and gun for some perch and crappies. Turns out the push in was the ti
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