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  1. Somehow I cant log in the fantasy because it doesnt show my league. I logged in and hit fantasy and the league isnt there. Anyone having the same problems cant log in.
  2. The Panthers had a bad team last year but they had alot of injuries. They came back and won 6 games at the end of the year and could have made the playoffs if the kick in the Saints game wouldn`t have been blocked from the great kicker. As for the vikings have a better chance I don`t think so. They have a hard division now with the lions and bears good. Now that the panther players that got injured came back they will be a superbowl team again with our unstoppable defense. Defense wins more games
  3. Can anybody tell me how to make garlic fish attraction?
  4. Vikings,ha there never going to win a superbowl. I say panthers are going all the way.
  5. What is a really good catfish lake or river that has tons of catfish in it and big catfish. I really want to catch a catfish and never have. I have stink bait and everything.
  6. vikings suck,they have the worst coach and have worst defense and worst kickers and punters. Packers suck but way better then vikqueens because they have a qb that can not afraid to get hit and a ok running back. There defense sucks though. Go Panthers!!!
  7. FishRulerHookEM

    Vikes Draft

    Sorry panthers will get williams.
  8. Vikings always have a temper. Cullpepper and Moss suck. Moss has a big problem.
  9. You need a qb like Jake Delhomme. Vikings need a defense because there the worst defense in nfl.
  10. Vikings suck. They lose to the worst teams. They are losers. Packers are better then the vikings but packers suck too. Carolina Panthers is the best team.
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