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  1. This an awesome thread. Really good music to share. But the top of page 7 Gordie has got it spot on. You can't beat the blues especially with that combo! Good job Gordie.
  2. I'm not the guy that makes Ice Gators. I'm just a customer that bought one a long time ago and wouldn't trade it for any other. Like Harvey Lee said he wished he wouldn't have sold his. As for a contest I would put my 8" against any other electric. Watch the video, seeing is believing!! They WORK.
  3. I am going on my 7th year with my 24 volt ice gator. Still using the original batteries which are the larger (12AH) batteries. I am on my second Ice Castle and that is what I purchased the Ice Gator for. No fumes no spilled gas etc. I use a 8" Strike Master Lazer drill on the powerhead and it cuts flawlessly. You won't be disappointed in an Ice Gator.
  4. I use both a peep and a kisser. The kisser button makes sure I anchor in the same place each time. Good luck with whichever your preference.
  5. go for the upgrade to a 30,000bty. I got an 8X16 Mille Lacs and had problems with the 20,000 taking to long to heat up. Contacted Suburban with the model number. They said it was a 16,000 with a bigger fan. I did the upgrade and it is awesome. Runs less (time wise), is quieter and I believe it will use less propane. It is worth the $150 for the upgrade, and I believe you will be glad you did it.
  6. I don't know if that would work or not but the furnace also has a fresh air vent below the exhaust vent. I don't think it would get enough fresh air from the box. I think all you would be taking in is exhaust air if that makes any sense.
  7. I switched over all my bulbs in my Ice Castle to LED. I got them thru Tmart online. Go to Tmart and put 1156 36 LED in the search box. I like how bright they are and they are easy on the battery. I even used them in the hole lights. They are a little spendy but worth it.
  8. Sorry seen em all out on the ice. Get an Ice Gator with a 8" lazer drill and beat em all in drilling time. Just my 2¢.
  9. 9 degrees out this morning. Test run furnace again on my 8X16 Mille Lacs model. It took 2 hours to reach 70 degrees. Its going in next week to get the furnace checked out. I think thats to long a time for it to warm up but maybe thats the way they are. My last one was a 6½X14 and it took a while for it to warm up too but not that long.
  10. I also bought a Mille Lacs model last spring and last weekend fired up the furnace and it took 1½ hours to get it 70 degrees. I called IC on it and they said the cold weather might make the propane harder to flow. I have been following this post also and read all the problems and supposedly "fixes". I live in St. Cloud and I did find out that Outlet Recreation in Clearwater does Warranty work for IC. So, instead of me wasting my time trying to fix the problem I am going to take it there and let them do it and charge IC. I think IC should have a little better Quality Contol before they send out their product. All it is going to do is ruin their reputation.
  11. I have a garmin gpsmap 76 csx with the Minnesota Lakemaster Chip and it is awesome. One foot contours on the larger lakes (Mille Lacs, Leech etc) and five foot contours on the smaller lakes. I wouldnt go fishing without it or my Marcum LX7. Just my two cents worth.
  12. Was wondering if anyone has tried the Strikemaster Light 4 Stroke with the Honda motor. I was thinking of getting one and would like some input on it.
  13. Yes you must add water to your meat mixture before stuffing or it wont go thru the stuffer very easy. I use ice water but not to much or it will be to sloppy when stuffing. Use just enough water to mix the seasonings and meat. The consistancy should be a little sloppy but not to the extent of runny.
  14. Pretty much impossible to grind&stuff in one operation. You need to grind venison then grind pork and mix by hand with seasonings. Then you stuff it. It can be done with a grinder and stuffing attachment but leave the fine or coarse plate out otherwise like Truth said it will be way to fine. (like eating sawdust). Go with the grinder, mix and then a stuffer, much better results. Best thing I found for mixing is a five dollar paint mixer put on a drill. Works excellent and saves on the cold hands!!
  15. Been using a paint mixer on a drill for years!! Beats cold hands and mixes the meat and seasonings well.
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