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  1. Are you going to Canada for lakers or staying here in Minnesota for smaller trout? If going for lakers than give me a call or email me-I use to run the Outdoorsmans Headquarters in International Falls-which is the main stopping store for folks heading north for lakers-rods can vary and some neat lures like large tubes can make it the best. anyways give me a shout and i can help you more--Bill
  2. just broke down and bought the country 5' plow for my polaris 500--tried it out last night and wow -is that nice. Wife not happy tho but since the plow truck had 3 trees land on it during the deer season wind storm--this is better than shoveling--
  3. I've had Tom's (JB's) stuff in both of my stores for years. they have been the most innovative tackle company that I have dealt with. Just ask some of the larger companies on where they got their designs from--they copied JB's. Congrats to them--miss seing Tommy on the road tho--later Tom---bill
  4. valv is correct but our best seller has been the eagle fishmark 320 in portable for around $195. it has the high pixel count and very good power to use in all situations. then the battery(gell)and charger are only $15 so not alot of money but another choice for you.
  5. koeps

    Shaft lenth

    hey rodbuilder--if you run a pro-v try to go to a 24 volt system--then you can get a 60" shaft and upgrade the thrust power so you have more to control the boat in winds
  6. just to let whoever wants to know that the road is out to woodpecker point and the fishing is fantastic. we had a party of 8 that was up there this past week and did fantastic. Also dont forget to take the left fork in the road to williams point area--that has been great--last month they had to get there by sled but the slush has lessened so that should help get the road all the way.
  7. hahaha--that reminds me of the song that Brad Paisley came out with--I'm going to miss her!!--way too funny!!
  8. You will need to prepare for all weather conditions--but watch the tv before. Remember that wind will be a factor out there. As far as the fishing goes-it is all fun no matter where. you will want to have a couple of rods with and rigged up in different ways to be able to change fast. there is alot of depth difference in the area so have some extra weights with and this year there is a pressure ridge where the circle usually is so they havent decided which way to move it yet. Another way to catch big fish,ie. northerns or even eelpout -is the set rig with frozen ciscoes. We have used that in the past during the regular year and caught some larger pout. Our shop will have that and all your other bait needs--WE will also have a parking area out front that will have the shuttle buses running-we are only a couple of miles north of the derby area.Also there is a Subway here so if you might want to take a sandwich with-they can set you up!!!Hope to see you and others-and good luck to all-it will be a blast!!--Bill Erickson
  9. I have tried to do that same thing to the lazer blades and was not successful-that is why i decided to just sell exchanges for customers--alot safer too than running your hand along the edge-problem is that the curve on the blade is not consistant and must have a jig made to handle the curve. any questions just call me--bill
  10. koeps

    Merry Christmas

    From all of us here at Koep's in Nisswa--we hope all have a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Year's and hope to see all on the ice this winter.
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