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  1. I've been kinda looking at a two person flip as well. I like the Clam nanook for the price. Their whole line seems pretty good. Though, if I had the money, I'd probably go with an Otter.
  2. I am supportive of the DNR taking hunter surveys but that survey did not require you to be a hunter or probably not even from MN. A person could also take it multiple times. Did they ever publish the results? I only heard it was about 60/40.
  3. Look for a buck gardner double nasty combo pack. For around 25 to 30 bucks you'll get a easy to blow double reed, with a training cd, a calling coach (plays the different calls at the push of a button) and a hunting dvd.
  4. The event is in 4 days. Get your tickets now! Remember no tickets sold at the door.
  5. kwohl


    Like others have said, the reels with the combos are usually pretty poor quality. If you can get a $20 rod and a $20 reel, you're much better off than the $35 combo with a bad reel. Though, I think it helped when I took the combo reels apart and cleaned that thick grease out of it. They still get a little sticky in the cold but they seem much more workable. I really like my JM meatstick and just picked up a perch rod today (should have waited). I saw a combo there as well, but I wasn't too impressed by the reel.
  6. My parents gave me Clam's "The Hub" for Christmas. The biggest differences are going to be the type of canvas, the windows, the door and some size difference. I wish "The Hub" had windows that would open completely but it's not a big deal. I don't really like that the door uses two zippers that meet in the middle. I haven't fished in it yet but it should be okay for fishing 2 people out of. The height is listed at 65" but I was almost able to stand up in the center. I'm 5'10". You could go with the "3" person models and have more room with the option to fit a third and gain more head room. The other houses should be comparable and I don't think you'd be disappointed in any of them. Try to get to a store where they have some set up and see what you like.
  7. Get the auger. You're not going to catch the fish if you don't want to drill the holes to find them. I've been there before. I never wanted to move after getting the first holes drilled, especially later in the season. I also suggest the 8 inch. It's plenty big and it's never fun stepping in those 10 inch holes. Should be lighter, also.
  8. the parents got me a Clam "The Hub", a reel and a few jigs. also a shirt and a couple books.
  9. From the VX-1 manual: "Basic charging guidelines are to charge the battery two hours for every three hours of use. If the battery is completely dead it may take up to 14-18 hours to reach full charge. The output of the charger is 500 mA or 1/2 amp. Do not leave the charger on for longer periods than needed. Although the charger is low output, it can still damage the battery if left on for extended periods of time after charge cycle is complete." I didn't like not knowing the charge so I bought the BCI 50 monitor. I think it was around $13.
  10. kwohl

    Top hockey music

    It kind of depends on what you're going for. If you want intense or "hockey" music or if you just want something to entertain the masses in between the hockey. I have a playlist of music I played in pep band in high school. I wouldn't say these are the best songs but they're some to consider. Beer Barrel Polka Carry On Wayward Son Cleveland Rocks Danger Zone The Final Countdown Frankenstein Get Ready for This Gonna Fly Now Iron Man Pink Panther Radar Love Smoke on the Water Soul Bossa Nova Start Me Up Taking Care of Business Wipe Out You Really Got Me Zoot Suit Riot
  11. Tony Dean's show has been turned into Jason Mitchell Outdoors. I'm not sure on the TV schedule but the episodes are on the HSOforum. The second one is an ice fishing episode with Dave Genz.
  12. If you bought it from a store you could try returning it there. I sent an email friday night and got a response on sunday. Maybe try resending it? The top three guides on my meatstick turned so they aren't in line anymore and he said to return it to cabelas (where i bought it). I can't find the receipt so I think I'll just fish with the goofy looking rod for now.
  13. I believe Bismarck has a scheels. They might have a deal.
  14. Use your DNR#. It doesn't change and it's shorter.
  15. I bought my first flasher two years ago and got the VX-1. I went with it because it still has the bottom zoom feature where as the fl-8 doesn't. If I were to do it over again today. I would be looking at the Humminbird ICE 35.
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