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  1. I just bought one at the ice show this year. Shopped around for a while and the best price I found was at the show. Very happy with the house. Ordered a 20 foot Lake of the woods Hybrid. Some upgrades I did was Rhino sprayed the frame, added extra cabnets, Cedar interier, and removed the sky lights(did not want another spot for a leak and was afraid of the condensation that would build on them.) One thing I wish I had was a light over the wheels that could be turned on when lowering or raising the house at night.
  2. My son and I hunted hard for the last couple of days and had several missed opportunities to fill his tag. I had to go to the other sons band performance and my dad said he would take him out to his stand. He put a perfect shot on this young doe. Thanks Grandpa, I could not be happier for both of them.
  3. I have had very good luck with Rage Broadheads on deer. Just wondering if they will have same results on elk.
  4. I shot a a very nice 9 pointer tonight. He came in chasing 2 does. 17 1/2" spread and brow tines are 8" and 9". Dressed out at 200lbs
  5. The boat is a 1969 and the Motor is a 2004. I purchased the motor new and it has very few hours on it. The motor is a 2004 Mercury 2 stroke, short shaft. The boat and motor have been stored indoors. The Boat is 16ft with bench seats. It is in good condition with no leaks. The trailer is a Spartan trailer. $2300.00 I do have pic's just email me at [email protected]
  6. It's true there is a large Bull moose running around the Chanhassen area. It has been seen a few times today. So watch the driving would not be good to hit him. I do think at least one of my buddies has a picture so I'll see what I can do. WCCO also had it on the 6 o'clock news.
  7. 862

    Late rut

    I hunt SW Metro and in the last 3 days the bucks have been going nuts. Lots of ground scrapes and called two in with rattle bag and grunt call. Came at a dead run from 300 yards out in a cut corn field. It was great!! First one a 6 pointer Stopped 5 yards from me. Then ran 50 yards with a well placed shot. Neck was very swollen and he was on a mission. Good luck
  8. The rut has started in metro area. Two buck 300 yards out in cut corn field. Rattle bag and two blows on grunt call both came running in. First one a six pointer ran right in to 5 yards from me, Wack went a about 50 yard with a perfect heart shot. Nothing better then that. good luck everyone.
  9. Quote: Had 6 Does under and around me for about 25 min last night, a true testiment to scentloc and scent sheild, also had 2 huge coons come walk under me, they saw me trying to change out arrows and ran half way up a tree in front of me, one of them made the mistake of peeking aroung the tree, WHACK dead coon I have seen people shooting coons a few times on posts here. I think if you read the regs. Coon season is still closed.
  10. This is a Alumacraft 14' boat painted camo, I think it is a 1984. The Motor is a 9 1/2hp Johnson, I am not sure on the year but I think it is late 60's. Motor runs great and has always been stored inside. No leaks and is ready for hunting. 800.00 takes the package. http://s41.photobucket.com/albums/e298/peter2862/th_duckboat.jpg [email protected]
  11. A very happy 6 year old (note from admin: Cute kid, but please read forum policy about posting fish pics)
  12. Went out south metro. Took the 5 year old along for the trip. He was having a great time when he started to yell there was a squirrel in the tree above us. As he did this 5 turkey's took off less then 15 yards from us. Got a mature hen on a quick shot. Was a blast. And the son had fun to. Good Luck
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