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  1. Do you guys know if there are any week night leagues in the Mankato area?
  2. ptkane

    swimbaits revisited....

    I've only thrown the HollowBellys one day -- and caught fish with them. Weeks, rocks - it didn't matter. Maybe the fish were just hungry and I could've been throwing anything...
  3. ptkane

    Opener Reports!!!!!

    Everyone at the landing I talked to said the same thing -- saw fish but couldn't hook any. All said the weeds are aren't up yet.
  4. ptkane

    Musky experience and questions

    Wow - muskie bug - incurable. It would be cool to hear everyone else's story of when they got the muskie bug.
  5. ptkane

    Price Considerations

    Rather than cheaper lures - I am driving 55(or slower) while pulling the boat and not hammering the throttle while driving the boat. Saving that gas can buy alot of tackle.
  6. ptkane

    couple Custom topwaters

  7. ptkane

    Traits of a Preferred Plastic

    color, size, how it falls
  8. ptkane

    backing on record

    Braided line will not slip if you tie the line thru the holes to start.
  9. ptkane

    Favorite color Senko?

    I know it's fun to have cool colors -- but all you need is white or black.
  10. ptkane


    ...just sayin the kids in Bemidji are knowledgable.
  11. ptkane


    I'll say one thing good about the Gander in Bemidji -- all of their employees are knowledgable. When I brought a treestand to the counter to buy, the teenage girl at the register said "That's a great deal, I bought two of them myself!"
  12. ptkane

    Your Favorite Dock Bait!!

    a Bitsy Flip jig.
  13. ptkane

    Online Gander Mountain?

    They can't, legally. dtro explained it in his post.
  14. ptkane

    Favorite Sayin You Have

    I might steal from Mark Zona - "It's the man-bear-pig!"
  15. ptkane

    Favorite Sayin You Have

    when we pull up to a good muskie spot - "hello Beastie" -- like Cap'n Jack in Pirates of the Caribean.