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  1. I am posting this for my brother in law he lost is best friend the day of the snow storm in the Annandale - Albion area. He went missing about 12pm and still no sign. If you see a large male black lab roaming around in this are please give me a call 612-298-8403. His name is Duce. he is a large dog about 100lbs. Thanks
  2. My Lab Choctaw Whats in the bucket Dad? 9Mo. Just resting after a long day of swimming 10Mo old.
  3. BandB

    Auger $299

    wall-mart Buffalo has 3 model 30 on clearance for $299 thats about $75 off retail or more.
  4. I was at wal-mart in buffalo this saturday and there were 2 trolling motors on clearance for like $160 from $350. There was only 2 on saturday. was plannig on posting when I got home but forgot till now.
  5. I need to sell this house because I am moving, it is in good shape the actual size is 5'6" x 7'6" there where some holes from a mouse but they have been patched and its as good as new. They retail for $400 and i will take $150 or B/O. you can view the pictures at http://icehouse.shutterfly.com just cut and paste in to you address bar if the link dose not work and poof there's the pictures. If you are interested in looking at it I live in montrose and should be home most of the weekend. you can call me at 612-298-8403.
  6. BandB

    rifle for wife?

    the r1 and the Browning short/log tracks look a lot alike just an fyi. The r1 is a verry nice gun, I think the only down side to a slug gun is the recoil for a Guy its not bad but can be a bit much for the Wife
  7. BandB

    rifle for wife?

    Take a look at the browing short track they where new last year and the come with a shortend stock this is the one I am going to get for my wife.They come in a few good cals. go to the browing web site and check them out. But if you are not willing to part with that much money the ruger is a good choice. My mother inlaw shoots a ruger 44 and likes it but you are limited to the range you can shoot this gun so it only good for a few situations, but on the other hand if you get the Browning in .308 or .243ssm you can use it in a lot more places. just my .02
  8. I use sustains but I fish with a guy who uses stratic mgf and he loves it. I think they are updating this model to a mgfa they are making it so it can be used in salt water, I think they are also not going to make it in 1000 size any more
  9. The price on the inside is wrong they are selling them for $99, I called and check on this.
  10. They also have shimano stradic mgfa 1000, and 2000 for $99 that is a smoking deal they retail for $159 last year and it looks like they are discontinuing these sizes and upping the price on the 2005 model to $189 price is good till march 31.
  11. I would go down to cabelas and look at some of the package bows they sell they give you every thing you need to get started and they are good prices they also will let you shoot them befor you buy.
  12. I would also stay with a bow that has a low reflex in the riser the closer the rest is to the string the less forgiving it will be but this also tend to make it much faster so there is a trade off. If you are a good shot you can use these bows but if you are so so I would stay away and try to get a longer axel to axel. It dose not mater how short or how fast a bow is if you cant hit any thing with it what good is the speed. just my .02
  13. hey jigit I spoke with you on the phone on friday night I was going to call you back this morning but had to work late and then had to go in early. I would still like to buy the gear if you still have it. I will try to call you on sunday afternoon.
  14. BandB

    buzz sticks

    I have looked at them in the store and thought they shure would jig the s&#t out of a small jig but I also thought it might be to fast and way to intens but like all stuff they will have a time and place where they will work like crack for fish, they wont be able to get enough.
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