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  1. I have blown alot of different calls. I mainly stick with Heartland StageFright, Tim Grounds SuperMag, Zinks PM-1 and LM-1. Wouldnt mind picking up a GK as well. Tried buyin a Ganser a while back before I knew him. Glad I didnt. I know some of the guys that work(ed) for him as well, most are good guys. Spend your money on a Grounds, Zink, Heartland. Nothing but first class service from those guys.
  2. hunted Fergus last fall early season...whacked 36
  3. I shoot crows all the time. Its just another predator for ducks etc.
  4. Quote: Hey I was wonder what your preferences were on were to shoot trap or skeet And what places are open this time of year? metro area please Try Metro Gun Club in Blaine
  5. 7 dozen Avery FB's 18 Hardcores 3 Flagman T-Flags 2 dz GHG Mallards 5 dz Misc Mallards Custom Painted 1/2 dz GHG Pintails 1/2 dz GHG Wigeon 1/2 dz Custom Painted Wood Ducks 1 dz GHG Canada Floaters 2 dz Flambeu Canada Floaters 3 Avery Finisher Blinds 1 Avery Migrator Blind All packed into a 7x16 Enclosed Trailer Also have 5 dz GHG Canada shells, 10 dz GHG fullbodies, and 1 or 2 dozen Fully Flocked GHG Fullbodies coming in Aug.
  6. Quote: Call Julie at the 800 number on the HSOforum. She will get you squared away with no problems. Toll: (800) 333-5119 Phone: (901) 324-1500 Fax: (901) 454-2597 Thanks Avery Pro-Staff
  7. Call Julie at the 800 number on the HSOforum. She will get you squared away with no problems.
  8. we shot a goose this year where the fronts of the wings were a bit white, but nothing like that. Great Pic!
  9. Hunting SD do you guy get many Honkers with the white bars on the breast? I think they are called Quill Lake Geese? Post some pics if ya got some. Thanks
  10. Just bought a lazer mag xpress and love it.
  11. Goosepimp


    Quote: GUYS- speaking of demons: ANYONE know where I can get the glow in the dark demon with a red dot in the middle?? I think it is like a size 6 or 8?? I've seen them closer to tackle shops near URL. they had them at Scheels in St.Cloud in every size and color
  12. Cant go wrong with a poly carb super mag or zink. I have both calls in the acrylic. Heartland custom calls makes a great delrin call for $30 as well
  13. Quote: Shooting 100-200 ducks is too many.] According to who? Just because you had a pitifull year? People need to open their eyes, there are ducks around, but you cant see them driving down 94 or from your recliner.
  14. Shawn Stahls Honker Talk or Zinks Video is good too.
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