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  1. Thanks guys it gives me a couple of places to call and see what I'm really looking at. I think a year ago it was over 1000 hoping that got more reasonable. But maybe if the bonuses are any good here this year I'll take the plunge and get her data back. I guess it doesn't hurt to place out a bit of a reminder here anyway. It can and does happen. We tried all the usual things pulling out the hard drive (its like a Lap top drive) and reading it with a device that reads laptop drives direct. It makes the noise and feels like the drive is spinning. I'm guessing the logic board failed. I have not looked on hsolist for another old unit like it then try to disassemble it and place the silver disks into the newer unit. Too afraid I'll wreck something permanent. I don't feel I could ever get it back together correctly. Looks like I'll take the plunge later in March. here's keeping my fingers crossed.
  2. Yep the cloud in some form. My wife (after this disaster) keeps copies of her stuff on one of the photo sites cloud storage. This data recovery is not cheap. and it's one thing to put it on a external hard drive but when that is the piece that fails your in the dog house. My fishing pictures which were in her stuff was on a sd card on my electronic picture frame at work. So they all got recovered. That just made her even madder because I didn't suffer any loss. You definitely need to keep the data in more than one place.
  3. Does anyone know a "good" place to get data recovered from a failed external hard drive. I'm not looking for cheap. I'm looking for a reputable place. My wife has a million pictures on an older external drive and sure enough that thing failed. It's an older drive about 650 GB and for the most part close to full.
  4. Thanks Yep my dad passed away in october of 2013 we stored the boat in our backyard that winter. Autumn of 2014 I put it back there and got a notice from the city we would have to put it in storage off our property. So I contracted with a storage company. Put it down there on a Saturday afternoon and that Monday morning I got a call saying there was an incident. They were burning some brush and debris and no one noticed a large amber burn't through the cover on my boat until the gas tank exploded. I remember the city violations lady telling me it will be safer offsite. I sent her pictures and thanked her for her suggestion in a sarcastic way. She was apologetic but the law is the law. I reminded her only for some. My neighbor at that very time had his Pontoon put in his back yard and the guy directly behind me had his boat now also moved to his backyard. Timing was everything I put it away a week too early.
  5. Yep the old blue wire. I found that on most landing if you take it easy you could get away with it (I unplugged wires to save bulbs) The down hill created enough pull on the trailer to offset the foece between vehicle and trailer. Now I have LED so I don't need to disconect the wiring and the Blue wire becomes important again. Blue = Back up lights 5 pin.
  6. Had to go new we went from: Molten Aluminum Mess To: Lund Impact 1850 XS 150HP tons of goodies.
  7. Comparing apples to apples Last week I just picked up my Impact 1850 XS with 150 four stroke. I'm in a 2 hr and 10 hr breakin so we are moving between 4500 and 3500 but at 4500 with the std aluminum prop I'm doing well into 43 mph by the GPS with two 200lb guys on board. I have plenty of throttle left but for the first two hrs was told to keep it between 3500 and 4500. So next time out we can wind her up a bit. but I was told 10 hrs of not staying in the same rpm range for extended periods. No long idles or long full throttle. So how new is yours? Oh and just to stay on the apples we are also sitting in the 2nd hole. The prop never blew out of the water. It all seemed to be tuned very well for height. We were set up by R and R Marine out of Shakopee. All the other equipment seems put in flawless.
  8. Want more reliability and don't want the 4 runner expense. Look at the Toyota FJ. Love mine. 5100 lbs towing. base 23K (2007) ended at 28K with finance charges. Wonderful pull you back in the seats exceleration. Rated higher than Xterra by Motor Trend after they named Xterra their SUV of the year (2007). Out did H3, Xterra, Jeep Liberty (price range considerations placed these as the comparison vehicles) on Motor Trends independent testing. Longer wheel base also 17" wheels. Clears snow better. May dad bought Explorer same year as I bought the FJ. He has had a laundry list of issues. Only draw back is bad rear visability. I put a camera on the back $100 takes care of the backing up issue. I have 85K on it now and have replaved the Highway Tred with AT tred. Love it all the more.
  9. Who's got the guy being lowered out of the helicopter with a gigantic shark leaping up to eat him. Or the surfer and the gigantic shark in the wave all set to eat him. I just couldn't keep this rubbish (photoshop specials). So I don't have them. But they are classics.
  10. Sounds like you need a decent POP up blocker.
  11. Last year did bring light to how important a GM is to a team. Vikings please take note!.. Let's hope Mr Ryan can right this ship before being burn't out. Interm is interm. I wonder what the future plan is?
  12. My experience is it can get crowded by the time it gets to Ft Snelling/Federal Building. Catch it at the 28th street Park and Ride. Free in ramp covered parking and a much shorter walk to the Transit station. Cash person attended ticket selling or Card only machines inside and outside. and it cuts the ride time from MOA by 8-10 min. Chicago game could be a busy one.
  13. I'll take a shot in the dark. Security module in the key crapped out so .... Something like that. Was there a security light on when you tried to crank it? just guessing mind you.
  14. This thread is a classic. Going from let's see how they do in Texas before I finally give up on them. To... that's it have a fire sale unload them all. To... oh wait maybe... You guys are as fickle as this teams year is going. First off Joe is hitting again. Hooray. Alexi I do believe finally "gets" this game. So really just enjoy the ride. While I was always skeptical they could get to .500 after that first two months it sure looks like they have a 50/50 shot at the texas series. At worst they will split with a very good club. It's Detriot that is giving them fits this year. I'm in this just to see if we can catch Chicago. That's all I'm looking for.
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