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  1. I have a pop-up camper/modified into a fish house and I use five gallon pails for hole sleeves. Does anyone have any tricks or things they use to better insulate the sleeves to prevent the holes from freezing or heat loss from the house. Thanks for tips.
  2. Just had the same thing happen to a 04 Johnson 115, we changed fuel filter put new plugs in and fixed problem. We had exact same symptoms.
  3. Marinade with a cola I use diet pepsi, add bbq sauce, ketchup, A1 sauce, some onion powder, garlic powder, and montreal steak seasoning. Soak for a day or two. When cooking season again with onion powder, garlic powder, montreal steak seasoning, sea salt, and olive oil. Grill on high heat for four minutes a side or less. I keep making it this way as this is the only way the kids will eat it. Has a sweet bbq taste to it and is tender.
  4. My wheeler was plowing snow the other day and it ran fine, put it in the shed and next time would not start. Found out that there is no spark. Followed the spark plug wire back to what I think is the coil. How can you test the coil to see if juice is going to that? Any ideas? Thanks.
  5. I have also went out to MT, elk hunting this past year and am frustrated with the increased price of elk and also deer. It will be interesting to see if they actually fill all of the tags available with the price of the tag and price of gas this year. Maybe they will reconsider after 2011. What part of MT do you go?
  6. I have a 01 Sportsman 500 H.O. and finally realized that I have the rear suspension the lightest setting. I attempted to adjust the suspension with the wrench provided with no luck. Is there any tricks to breaking this loose to further adjust. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  7. I've had a locker smoke one in the past which was okay. I deep fried my second one and it was fabulous. Couldn't tell the difference between wild turkey and turkey bought in the store.
  8. Anyone speared on this lake wondering what the clarity would be like and also any areas of the lake that there is thin ice. Thanks.
  9. I use the block of insulation and have had no problems.
  10. I tried it a couple of years ago out of a voyager. You could see down hole kinda okay but it still wasn't as dark as you would think. Was easy as I tied the spear and hung the decoy from the roof supports. Also with no floor kinda got slippery around the hole with water so had to be very careful. I had to do this before I bought my current spear house. Hope this helps.
  11. Thanks for all the info. Hopefully the snow won't keep us off for to long.
  12. I have just gotten back into spearing since college and the first attempt around the St. Cloud area. What are some of the clearer lakes to spear on around St. Cloud. thanks
  13. Am looking to buy a new ice chisel. Does anyone have the Mille Lacs brand or the Eskimo brand. If so which one would you recommend? Thanks.
  14. I know a person that uses bloodmeal. He sprinkles it on the ground/cement around the RV and apparently mice/rats can't stand it. They haven't had a problem with mice since then but I don't know if its proven.
  15. Chapo

    auger carrier

    Try [NOTE FROM ADMIN: Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank You] I purchased one of their all metal racks two years ago. The racks are meant to bolt to the back frame of the ATV. They are suppose to match up with the bolts where the back rack attaches to on most ATVs. This did not work for me on my 01 Polaris 500ho. So I slightly modified them and welded them on top of my front bumper and they work great as I have a little more weight on the front tires when going through deep snow.
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