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  1. I would echo this question. We are staying at 3 Bears later this winter and would like to do some ice fishing. Any good suggestions for walleye, pike, or panfish? I'm not from the area. Thanks in advance!
  2. Just wondering if you guys have any tips on installing natural stone tile. I am putting it in my kitchen this weekend. I guess my biggest question is what kind of saw to use. I would think the obvious answer would be a wet saw with a diamond blade, right? This stuff is just a little unique in that it actually snaps into place like a laminate floor. I found it at a local flooring shop. It has the snap-in ridges/grooves just like laminate would have. I'm hoping cutting with a wet saw won't damage the composite backing. It's supposedly very easy to put in once it's cut because you just snap it together and then there is a little tube of grout you use to fill in the edges similar to a tube of caulk. Thanks for any input. Oh, one more thing...do you think a heated floor would work under this? I was going to put those mats/coils underneath.
  3. Shoot me an email if you are interested in chatting some more. A list coming off the top of my head would be almost identical to yours. ATB are one of the best up and coming acts I have heard in a long time. They about tore the roof off of Triple Rock a month ago. Were you there? hoyj @ co.st-louis.mn.us
  4. I was lectured by a secretary working at a repair shop as I was getting my auger worked on. She said I should not be out on the ice. We only had darn near 3 feet in Canada last week! PS - What kind of hardcore music do you like?
  5. Thompson and Harlan are saying its all rumors. There are stories on about every football site right now saying the deal is all but done, however. Someone leaked something and the you-know-what hit the fan. Harlan says he knows nothing and Thompson just said in a press report, "We will chalk this one up to wild speculation."
  6. They're out there. Just google "water proof cell phone cases." It should be the first one on the list. I think Nature Vision also used to sell them but I don't see them on their HSOforum anymore. I have 2 (after losing a phone and a 2-way down the hole). You can talk on them without taking the phone out.
  7. Green&Gold


    I don't agree with a blanket statement or rule that says no matter what, we are not going to entertain offers for guys that have a questionable history. I would take a look at each player regardless of their reputation. Still, if there is a decent chance of them screwing up, which will ultimately affect your team, I would pass on them. Its all just risk vs reward. For example, right now, I am of the opinion that the risk of the Packers trading for Randy Moss is greater than the reward.
  8. Its hard to say what is true and what is rumor out there right now. I've read a million different variations on this story. What is fact is that the Packers are interested if they could get him for the right price. TT is not in a hurry though, as the longer he waits, the better deal he may get. Al Davis wants a 1st or maybe 2nd rounder, but with Moss not wanting to be there anymore, the price may go down as the summer approaches. I would bet that TT low-balled him with something along the lines of a 3rd round pick and Ferguson...also with the deal being contingent that Randy agrees to restructure his contract. Davis won't bite on that yet, but doesn't have a lot of bargaining power. Now TT can sit back and say, "take it or leave it" and see what happens come draft day. Again, this is my GUESS of where it is at. Personally, I don't ever want to see him in green and gold. Too much of a distraction. What happens when Favre throws to old reliable Driver when Moss is open (or thinks he is)? He'll start complaining and taking plays off as usual. I say pass on him, hope for Jennings to have a break out year and then possibly get Koren back by the end of September. (I can't believe I just said that. ) Harlan (Packers CEO) said yesterday that the phone calls and emails he is getting from fans are about 60/40 against trading for Moss.
  9. Green&Gold


    I have to disagree, fdr01. IMO, a player's character has a lot to do with how well and to what degree he contributes to the team. How many times have you seen a team get burned by someone who is full of talent but can't stay out of trouble. Koren, Pacman, Chmura, and the list goes on and on. What good are these types of guys if they are suspended and can't set foot on the grounds? Furthermore, its not just the non-football related antics that can hurt a team. What about the egocentric me-first, "I want the ball every play," "I can't feed my family for less than 5 mill a year" athletes. They have proven time and again that the are nothing but a poison to the culture of the team and the morale in the locker room. Look how TO can single-handedly tear apart an organization. Look what Mike McKenzie did when he wanted off the Packers. Great example right now is the Lance Briggs fiasco. Tremendous athlete, but he is no good to you sitting on the bench. I'll take the Aaron Kampmans, AJ Hawks, William Hendersons, or Matt Birks of the world anyday. They are going to play hard every snap, motivate their teammates, be leaders in the locker room, stay out of trouble off the field, and overall play the game for the right reasons. I'll agree, you can maybe get away with drafting or trading for a problem child, and hope he walks the straight and narrow while you pay him millions so he stays happy, but it is a big risk...too big in my opinion.
  10. Favorite Team: Pack Least Favorite: Bears Favorite Player: Aaron Kampman Least Favorite: T.O. Favorite Coach: Mike Holmgren Least Favorite: Mike Tice Favorite Receiver: Donald Driver Least Favorite: Again, TO Favorite Viking: Matt Birk Least Favorite: Pat Williams
  11. Yup, a great player who loved being a Packer, never complained, went about business quietly and got the job done. No doubt he will be in the Packer's HOF. That said, the organization probably made the right move, or non-move, as it were. It just wouldn't have been smart to re-sign him to a multi-year deal in the range of what he was looking for. He is getting up there, and this, combined with his repaired quad and asthma, prevented him from lining up for more than 2 snaps in a row. Good luck Ahman, and I hope you prove the Packers wrong!
  12. Blackjack, I think it is amusing that so many Lazers start on the 3rd pull. Unless it is extremely cold, my auger does the exact same thing as yours. Choke it, one pull = nothing, two pulls = getting close, three pulls = fires up every time. Two of my friends run Strikemasters as well and they do the same thing...its like clockwork. Watch, now I probably jinxed myself! Just so I am not completely hijacking this thread: the only fix I have ever needed is new gas, 100:1 Amsoil, and a new spark plug.
  13. The actual tip broke off, but right at the end. I don't think I will lose too much performance if I find a new tip that will fit. It will just be a 27 1/2" L instead of a 28" L. Oh well. I'm hoping Fisherman's Corner north of Duluth will have the right sized tip.
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