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  1. bobber goes under the slip knot. the red part should be in the water and trim the yellow part to match the weight of your jig. the less "yellow part" above the water the less tension or resistance the fish will feel. more hookups!!!!
  2. When you wake up really early sat. morning and drive 2.5 hours to beautiful lake of the woods, sipping coffee the entire time, dreaming of big, fat walleyes. Arrive at the house at first light to meet up with your buddies, who spent the night there. Find them all asleep in the house, a 5 gallon pale full of pee, empty beer cans all over the house, puke in one of the holes and the whole house smells worse then an outhouse, after a week of 95 degree temps. Hmmm...I just cant imagine people drinking to much on the ice.
  3. Your shockingly tight these days. Buy the unit and get hours, and hours of enjoyment. The LX3 will give you the opportunity to finally catch a few eyes through the ice, instead of just watching. It seems as though you have come to a cross roads in your life.......
  4. If its based on a win tonight, I will make alternative arrangements
  5. As I told you earlier this week. Let me know by friday if you would like the LX3 for $250.00 or not. I have another buyer lined up, if you pass on this exceptional deal. Have Coldmark kick in $75 and he can use it every 4th weekend.
  6. thats the thing that troubles me the most. Les is a good fisherman, but should maybe visit an eye doctor and service his scale. secondly, the ford offers extreme off roading with the luxury that only lariat can provide. I have never heard you complain about my pickup while pulling that GM junk of yours out of a snow bank.
  7. I would rather throw it out of the window of my pickup at 70 then sell it for less then 250.00!!! The one thing you guys need to know about 12lb 8oz is that he is dislexic. 12 - 8 was maybe 8lb 12oz. I was in the boat when the fish came in. Im not saying 8-12 isnt a nice eye, but it gained at least 4lbs from the boat to the wall.
  8. Does the muzzle loading season open on Nov. 26th?
  9. Vikes 31 Cheeseheads 21 Madden runs on the field immediately following the game to give Brett a big hug and a pat on the fanny to let him know just how much he cares.
  10. Great post hobbydog. I have a good idea of what I think would be the "perfect" thing for the DNR to do, but so does everyone else in this forum. I try an encourage everyone I can to let the small buck go, but I get all kinds of time to hunt, and have private land to hunt on. I also remember the first doe I shot, and the first buck and they are both still trophies to me. I really believe that we need to get more kids out hunting, and teach them to hunt with ethics. This will be the long term success for excellent whitetail hunting in Minnesota.
  11. I think this law is a double standard by the MN DNR, you can hunt over bait while hunting bear but not deer. Should I feel bad for hunting over my food plots? It is the law and should be abided by, but maybe it should be changed. I've shot bear over bait piles and I've shot deer over food plots, neither practice seems a whole lot different to me.
  12. 3 years ago I sat in one of my stands and watched 8 bucks go by. 6 of them were 8 pointers with a few of them being nice 8 pointers. We had already put a few does in the freezer, so I made a decision that I was only going to take a buck that I would want to put on the wall. I passed on all of those bucks that night. When I got home, my mother-in-law asked me if I had gotten anything, and I told her about the bucks and how I had passed on them. She laughed and said that I would never see those deer again. I explained to her that if I had pulled the trigger that I would guarantee that I would never see at least one of them ever again. Anyway, this year there are 3 really nice bucks hanging around that area. I cant say for sure that any of these 3 bucks are ones that I have passed but I have a good idea that they are. If a guy wants to shoot a smaller buck then so be it. The problem I have are the guys that sit around the tail gates of their pickups with 3 six pointers, a basket 8 and nub buck and complain that they just arent seeing any big bucks. Do the math boys.
  13. As long as Im venting and throwing blame around, lets not forget about our incredible coaching staff. Time is long over due for Tice to pack his bags, and bring the rest of the bunch with him. Ive always been a Vikes fan and always will be, but it gets tougher all the time.
  14. Ive had this argument a hundred times. Anybody who thinks that the Vikes problems, has anything to do with Daunte Culpepper is crazy. I think we all need to look at our offensive line or lack thereof and start pointing fingers. Were giving up more sacks then any team in the league, we cant run the ball and we have no time to throw the ball. Ball games are won or lost in the trenches. Fix the O line!!
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