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  1. swamptiger

    Never thought i would say this!!!!

    Talking to my UPS driver, he said even UPS is concerned, because the percentage of their Amazon deliveries is so high they can dictate terms to UPS. And they are also getting into the shipping/delivery business themselves.
  2. swamptiger

    Never thought i would say this!!!!

    Amazon keeps taking a bigger slice of the market from retailers every year, so if that continues, it will definitely show up in brick & mortar stores in various ways. https://www.fool.com/investing/2017/02/10/amazons-us-online-sales-growth-last-year-was-mor-2.aspx
  3. swamptiger

    Have Ion-Want k Drill

    Yep, it takes a Finlander to build one, but it takes a Norwegian to figure out how to sharpen one...
  4. swamptiger

    Have Ion-Want k Drill

    Here's my setup: Auger is a 7" Mora Strikemaster, and the drill plate has a 2 to 1 reduction in it (built by a guy in Pennsylvania). The drill is a Metabo with 4ah batteries. Already had the auger, so the rest of the setup cost me about $200. Works fine.
  5. swamptiger

    6.5 creedmoore

    With today's metalworking technology, some of the lower end rifles are very accurate. I have a .243 in the Ruger American, and it is a very good shooter. I think you will like the Vortex scope, too.
  6. swamptiger


    Strange, del looks more like the first guy than the second one...
  7. swamptiger

    Dozer issues

    They are a nice machine to operate, and they have good power for the size.
  8. swamptiger

    Dozer issues

    You can probably get it done for 3K, depending on who does the work, and how much rebuilding you do.
  9. swamptiger

    Dozer issues

    Ouch... this can get spendy. If you have the capability to do it, the least expensive route would be to pull the engine yourself and haul it to a reputable machine shop. At the least, the crank will more than likely need to be turned on a lathe, and new bearings installed.
  10. swamptiger

    Teen Vehicle

    Rav4 is a great vehicle with a good body, (unlike some of the other yotas)... Never towed anything with the one we had, so I would proceed carefully on that..
  11. swamptiger

    Dozer issues

    You can pull it in gear if it has a torque converter rather than a clutch, because there is no direct connection to the engine - it is like an automatic transmission. Think "fluid drive". If it had a clutch you couldn't move it in gear - you could still move it in neutral, however.
  12. swamptiger

    Berkshire pork

    Not sure about the hovels and squalor, but pretty sure Gaga is a free ranger....
  13. swamptiger

    Berkshire pork

    Photos of the first chops cooked, please...
  14. swamptiger

    Berkshire pork

    There's a whole wagon load of info on corporate pork (CAFOs/concentrated animal feeding operations) on the internets if del wants to take the time to study up on it a little....