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  1. Here a a couple a buddy of mine caught Saturday night 38x19
  3. My biggest cat to date was caught on a golfball size piece of cutbait and it went 38lbs. I still find myself reaching for the biggest bully in the bucket every time though.
  4. Hopefully Andy Anderson chimes in on this one. I know a couple of years ago he had one stick him really bad and had to go in to the ER. Hand turned black and blue and the doc said they'd to their best to try and save his thumb! In the end it turned out okay, but the doc had him pretty worried there for a bit. AA where are you?
  5. Here's two from last night: 26x17 28x16
  6. Very nice channel! Glad to hear the new rig is working out well for you.
  7. My 1st Flat of 2010 and 1st ever caught during the daylight!
  8. That's who told me about it too. I just stopped by the baitshop again today and read the letter that she had. Still have to keep them under 7" for now...all it was is a proposal for up to 10" bullies.
  9. The local bait distributor informed me last week that it is now legal to use up to a 12" bullhead. She said she has the document/letter to prove it and will provide me with one the next time I stop by. I'm not sure if it's in deed true or not, but I am curious to see what document she has. I thought if anyone would be in the know, she would. Although, I would have thought that someone else would have been informed of this as well if it were true.
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