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  1. I agree, maybe we can have him swim and I can chase him with my boat until he can no longer swim and watch him struggle to breath. Then, just because I couldn't let him die, save his sorry arse. Doubt that would really teach him a lesson though. People like that have no conscience. Mike
  2. If your motor has a thermostat, check the thermostat housing. Take the cover of the housing of and look for debris in the housing unit. Sand and pebbles can build up there and effect water flow. Also, if a piece of rock has gotten into the springs of the thermostat, it can stop it from opening or closing correctly. Mike
  3. In order to get this sticker you have to complete a course which, (correct me if I'm wrong) is not FREE. You have to in essence, pay a fee to get the sticker, which you don't really need because they are not going to fine you but ONLY give you a warning. Mike
  4. So there is basically NO NEED to get this sticker because there is no penalty for not having one. With this being the case, why would anyone PAY to get a sticker? That would be like saying: You need a license to fish, but if you don't have one, we'll just give you a warning. I wonder how long it will be before the DNR officers decide they have better things to do than issue warnings day after day to the same people. Describing this as "CRAZY" is being way to kind. Mike
  5. I have a 2011 and did the same as quoted with prop. Mine also has been flawless. Mike
  6. Sounds like your power switch is going out. Same thing happened to me on my old 102c. They (lowrance) do not repair those units any more. Sorry to say, but you might start looking for a new finder. The issue gets worse with time and if like mine, it will become unusable shortly. Mike
  7. I have been using Fireline and as creep said, I tie directly to a swivel that attaches to the rap, No leader. I use 10lb fireline and have only lost 1 rap due to bite off. I must say though, I do check my line after each fish, and remove any line that looks frayed. I went to fireline (braid) just for that reason, tired of replacing raps and don't like leaders for shad raps. Just my Mike
  8. I don't think these days that any outboard you get would be a wrong choice. I have had Mercury's on the back of my boats for over 35 years, I have had one issues in those years and Mercury replaced the problem outboard with a new one. This was when the first 4 strokes came out and they had issues with the carbs plugging. I will be a Mercury customer for life, because for me, they stand behind their products, and take care of their customers (Me) Good luck and enjoy your boat and new motor. Mike
  9. While honoring the soldiers that gave the ultimate sacrifice, remember the families.... Mike
  10. Interstate's for me also. If, like with any deep cycle battery they are maintained correctly, you will find that they will last about as long as the two and three hundred dollar deep cycle batteries. Maintenance is the key. I am on my 7th year with my interstates. Mike
  11. I use the My Wedge to take the pressure off the Hydraulics on the motor. As Muskie has said, this horse has been beaten almost every year. There is nothing wrong with running a Transom Saver if you choose too. IMO, as some others have said, the transoms are designed to take the pressure of acceleration and bouncing in heavy waves, I trust it could handle being driven on the hi-way. Most transom issues are caused by rot which was caused by water intrusion, and people often blame not having a transom saver for failure, when the actual cause is a rotting transom. I have read many horror stor
  12. I know this probably doesn't help, but if it's as simple as the dealer says it is, why not take it to the dealer and have them set it up for you? If it is as simple as connecting the wires, I'm sure that the cost of having them do it should be minimal. Also, if there's an issue, the dealer could most likely diagnose the issue quickly and you would not have to take a chance of improperly wiring. Sounds like, based on what your finding, and what the dealer has told you about the simplicity of this, you may have a wiring issue that may need to be addressed. Mike
  13. I too like the Sony Marine Stereos. Check out the new CDX-H905IP. I'm sure they have made a newer model since 2 years ago, but they are water proof (As much as that's possible) and don't require a cover. I have had no issues with mine at all. I could go through all the features, but you can check them out by searching Sony Marine Radios. If you find one you like, you might want to consider buying one off that popular auction site as they offer great prices. The installation for me was relatively easy, and yours should be even easier since you already have a radio installed and the cut-ou
  14. Ain't that the truth. To add, extra fuses, bulbs, a water proof container of some sort, as said, I have a small (well it started out small) tool kit with some basics. As you continue to boat, the supplies will increase. Mike
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