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  1. Tim, so you finally have the ice you have been waiting for. It does appear that it is pretty cold up there and windy as well. My friends say they have been out on Oneida catching a lot of small eyes and some pretty big perch. One perch reported to be 14.5 in. Not bad. I bought a fishing kayak and am really getting into the trout and redfish fishing. It is a lot of fun. I have not gotten the big ones yet (30"-40") but I do get slot fish most of the time. The trout are easy to catch but the reds are very difficult. It is a real challenge. Good luck ice-fishing, maybe I'll be up, don't know just yet. Pretty hard to beat a tee shirt and shorts this time of year. Although is is quite cool and windy down here the last couple of weeks. Keep a tight line, Fish-n-fil
  2. Dark Cloud, sounds like you have a new fishing friend? Congradulations. Sound like the boys are doing pretty good on the eyes. Boy I sure do miss it. I have been doing a little fish-in but not much catching yet. Really just getting the gear dusted off from the summer. Say hello to Dad for me. I'll keep watching this sight for updates.
  3. Hi icelanders. Just got here in florida and boy do I miss the walleye fishing. I did pretty good at the bar and around my house. Caught around 100 eyes between the two places from Sept 26th till I left. My best lure was the smithwick rogue ( blue/silver ) and the bass pro XPS white suspended minnow(size is like a # 11 rapala ). Also, the regenade has been great. I saw a lot of fish caught on a husky jerk glass minnow ( size 10 and 8 ) Look forward to hearing more about the nite fishing. I will try to keep active and post my fishing experiences down here. Keep on fishing
  4. Fishing was poor for me this weekend. Marked very few fish on Sat. Oh did I mention I NEVER had a bite all day. Sunday I did mark more fish and caught 7 big perch. Still have to use big stuff tipped with an eye or minnow. I did see some pretty good catches of walleyes. They told me the fish were caught along the bouy line in around 32 ft.
  5. Tim, well you surely had a quality day with your son. Nice catch. We go a few jumbo perch in front of the blue tower. Fished in 40ft. of H2O. Only caught fish with the big stuff. Casmaster and Swedish Pimple tipped with spikes and minnows. Oh ya, I caught a kitty cat about 34ins and about 10 lbs, on 2 lbs test line. Oneida is getting pretty slushy right now. Got stuck two times on my way off the lake. Hope it gets cold proeety soon. Rodney can't wait for the LX3. I gave him his lessons today, he is ready to explore, Thanks for the help.
  6. JT, I hope the conditions are a little better this weekend for traveling on the lake. I'll go a lookin for the perch. I got some reports that out around 121 to 123 they are getting some perch. The guys are saying that the walleyes are biting pretty good. Lots of hammer-handles but they are getting some keepers. Jigging rapala's tipped with minnows seem to be the best.
  7. Tim, sorry to hear that the fish were not biting. Four expert fisherman like yourselves and only 3 perch. Oh my! I really thought you guys were going to have a great day. What about this weekend, send me an email and lets talk about Oneida. I got the skis you got the talent. Lets go fish-in
  8. Fished Oneida this weekend off the Cleveland bar. Fished shallow, deep and found no fish. Heard that someone caught around 20 yellow perch in 30 ft. with a casmaster tipped with a minnow. I didn't see the fish but Sunday morning we did catch 5 yellow perch on a casmaster with a minnow in 38 ft, of waterstraight out from Apps landing.. Things were pretty slow all week except for the walleye fishing. Folks are reporting catches of the eyes in 30 to 35 ft. on big stuff tipped with a minnow.
  9. Tim, I forgot to put up my polar tent up (sorry). I was north of you. Glad to hear there is still good ice. I heard that a seasoned ice fisherman put his machine thru the ice down along the high banks on sunday afternoon. Sylvan Beach rescue and all the others who respond were there. I did see some folks way down the lake , not a good place yet. I just hope the DEC/police don't kick us off because of this. They made the guy get his machine out of the water in one week or he was going to get fined some $ amount for each day after that. Looks like you were OK today. I plan to be out there on sat.
  10. Tim, I hear ya. When I read the manual it states that I should be getting a accurate read of the power left right out there on the ice. Mine is not doing that. How would you know that your battery is way down while on the ice. I must say I am a little confused but you are the GURU and I trust ya.
  11. Been reading all these stories about the DCS. I to noticed that my MARCUM was acting funny. When I finished fishing on Sat it still read 100%. I did not charge it that night and when I started fishing sunday I notice it began to fall quite rapidly. I was down to 20% but it still worked fine. When I got home I looked again it it was at 60%. I think there is certainly something wrong. If anyone has a suggestion about the cause let me know. Tim, should I be sending it back for a new one?.
  12. Tim, fished out in front of Edgewater where I told you. Got there about 8am and fished till 230pm. Fished in 24 ft. of water, got 6 nice jacks to got with the 5 I got the day before. Marked more fish on Sat. than today. By the way, The MARCUM LX3 is the finest fishfinder I have ever used. The zoom is fantastic. Hope there is ice this weekend after the warm up. Maybe we can get together.
  13. Hi Frank, I travel route 81 every weekend heading to Oneida. I always see guys fishing on the pond or lake across from Little York. It looks like a fram pond, flows right under the road, is it a private pond or can anyone fish it?
  14. Tim, can't wait to use the LX-3. I look forward to testing the jig your buddy is trying to replicate. It was a killer once.
  15. SD, no snow yet. It is 45 degrees and raining. Yes , I am near the fingers. The lake I have a cottege on is not one of the fingers. However, it is the largest lake inside the borders of New York State. Great fishing for walleyes and not so bad for perch in the fall and winter.
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