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  1. I start my ice fishing at Walden area the middle of Dec. After Christmas I fish the mile and the front range area. Then I fish early spring at Bonny and McConaughy for Walleye. When the Walleye get slow I fish for Channel at Swanson and eastern Kansas. (Where I was raised) When the channel slow down I'm ready for flatheads. Like this time of the year. When the water gets to 37 deg I go after the Flatheads at Swanson lake. (up to 50 lbs.) When Swanson is froze over it is time to ice fish again. I do take a little time to archery hunt.
  2. It is getting cool and it won't be long. I'm ready to catch a few flats then when it is real cold I'm ready to go ice fishing. I just checked my gear and all I need to do is change line on a couple poles. I always start ice fishing in the middle of Dec but may change that a little this year. Have had a good year on the water and will be finished after the flats and lake is iced up.
  3. Dan I'm wanting to know if we are allowed to post URL's out of photobucket on this forum. I know we can't put them direct to the forum. We have already been through that. Hope everyone had a good year of ice fishing and had a lot of fun doing it. I'm ready for next year. Hope to see some of you on the ice some day. HonestDave
  4. That is right Dan. Flats are Flat Heads catfish. I love to catch Flat head cats in Feb. The best time to catch them is ice off. If the surface water get to 40 deg they scatter all over the lake. Then I try and catch ice off for trout. Any guess when it will be for 11 mile? Thanks HonestDave
  5. Fished N Delaney Tue & Wed. It was slow but we caught our limit on bows that were about 20". Also caught 6 browns that were 19". (darn a inch short). The ice was over 24" thick. Also fished Wolford and that was a mistake. We talked to a guy that had fished for 7 days at Wolford and only caught 2 fish. WE had fun and that is what counts. I also fished for Flats in Neberaska on Friday and the biggest one was a 30 pounder. My fishing bud caught a 50 pounder last Sunday. Think I will try 11 mile 1 more time this year.
  6. Fishing without a flasher is like fishing in the dark without a light. Have had my Vex for a few years and like the way it works. I think I like it better than the LX3. Both are good.
  7. Fished 11 Mile last Tues & Wed. It was slow but we marked fish all day both days. Caught a few but none over 18". Were fishing Lazy Boy and we saw a few guys fishing. I think the fish were full and not hungry. Dave
  8. I'm going to 11 mile and like to know where you would fish. Just click on where you would go and copy and paste URL. I wonder how many of us fish the same place. You will see mine at the little red x Click URL http://topozone.com/map.asp?z=13&n=4306627&e=457252&s=50&size=l&datum=nad83&layer=DRG25 I hit 11 mile about once a year and hope to find a good day. Last year I got skunked. HonestDave
  9. Went to Glendo last Sat. We stayed at the H&M Trading Post Bed and Breakfast. (A nice place) Fished up by the dam most of the day and caught 1 eye. The ice was about 6" thick. We got some minnows Sunday and tried Reno. The ice was too thin to the left of the boat ramp so we went to the right about 400 yards. The ice was about 4 to 5" with very soft edges. Caught a couple eyes. Marked fish both days. We tried every thing in the tackle box from angel eyes to TK spoons. The edges were too soft for us the next day so we went to Grayrock. Caught a few channel cats but no walleye. I plan on hitting Grayrock again when there is safer ice and I can fish the river channel. In all we had a lot of fun on very slow fishing days.
  10. We are going to Glendo this weekend. We have never been there but they say they have safe ice now. Never fished for Walleyes through ice. I would like any thoughts or tips you may have. I understand that most eyes are caaught by the dam. Thanks Dave
  11. This is the URL for the fishing buddy http://www.fishingbs.netmegs.com/ice.html I have enjoyed mine. I think it would work real good on pike Dan HonestDave
  12. Has anyone used the Fishing System made in Colorado Springs? I have one and really like it. It is a great pole holder plus you can set it to set a hook if you are using two poles. I'm not sure how it would work on pike but works on trout. HonestDave
  13. I have found they like 7' to 10' of water with weeds. Keep the bait a little above the weeds that is tipped with a meal or wax worm. We use a brown tube minnow this time of the year. They are looking for crawdads.
  14. Just keep those movies coming. Good Job.
  15. Fished N Delaney the 14th and 15th. Caught a few bows from 21"to 23" and are they fat. We never caught a legal brown but were still fun. Fished just above the weeds in about 10' of water. Also fished John and caught a few smaller bows. Am headed for Deweese next on 27th and 28th. Dave
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