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  1. Fished out of stokes cove with a lot of activity on the ice. Managed a few nice perch and a couple eyes. Perch on a forage minnow with a red honey worm t-boned and another good one was jammin jig bobber fry with a few spikes.
  2. Good Luck to Tim and Big Johnny Ice in the upcoming Trap Attack this weekend at Silver Lake.Give 'em hell will ya. Greg Campbell
  3. Slow it was. Picked a few on minners but they were not liking the jig thing. Fished with my dad and Michael. Marked many fish and had many sniffers but they were a no go. Some eyes being taken in the deeper water. Oh well,quality time with dad and Michael.Cold it was. May head south today if i get the honey doooooo list done.
  4. Headed out there now . With this cold wave things should lock up good. There is fish to be caught. Wnere ya gonna go. lol
  5. Have had good luck using the red honey worm by berkley on these oneida lake perch. T-bone it on your favorite jig gives it great action.Just another addition to the arsenal. greg campbell/north shore.
  6. Big John: Glad to hear that you like it. Tim has always promoted the Marcum even if others don't like it. I always say, just keep spreading the MARCUM love. The crispness and targert sep is great. Got rid of a ol fl8 this year and bought my son a new LX3. He was a smiling at christmas.Enjoy fishing with Timmy whether it be the fall walleye slam or on the ice. He is very honest and tells you the way it is or should be.lol. He is a true positive image to the sport of ice fishing.Looking forward to meeting you.Glad to see that you give Timmy a lesson on Silver Lake Great job.He needs one now and then. Happy New Year.
  7. Took a ride along the north shore this am checking out the ice on Oneida and low and behold I saw t small traps out from the west lake street in North Bay.They were in about 25-28 ft of water between lake st and Lewis Pt.Had the lake all to themselves on this end.Still raining here yes it is. Tim : May travel north with you and Tyler. I will call you on sat. Unsure what Michaels plans are. Should have the new pro by then.
  8. Tim: may meet you out there. Michael may be headed north on the sled, but we'll see in the am. I'll give you a call.
  9. Lee: Great to see you back on the board. Chatted with you back a couple years about redfield crappies. Can't wait for the ice in the area to tighted up then its off fishing.Nice to hear from you. ( previous name north shore)
  10. Thanks for the report. Guess that I may venture south if anywhere on thursday.
  11. Great to have a site to visit with the hardwater nuts.Always a blast during this season.
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