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  1. Here is the same artical on ESPN outdoors. It has a picture Picture of Deer On ESPN
  2. There was a picture with the artical. You would not believe the size of that thing web page
  3. Does anyone know how long it should take to get my refund? I sent the paperwork in at the beginning of June and have not heard a word. Is there a number you can call to inquire? Any help would be great.
  4. tntn3

    Border Crossing

    We cross on Saturday Mornings, usually early then 10 but have never had more then a few minutes wait. 10 on Saturday has got to be better then what I saw on my last return trip the following Friday evening. There was a line of cars and boats the stretched throughout International Falls. Talked to some guys who had been waiting a couple of hours. Where are you headed?
  5. Go here http://www.thebeerstore.ca/ They will tell you the price and store locations. You can take more in but you have to pay duty and something they call provincial liquor mark-up fee. I still saved about $5 bucks a case but it is American beer and there is extra weight.
  6. I caught a jumbo perch while fishing a weed bed and decided to keep for dinner later that night. I put it on the stringer and continued to slow troll around the bed. As I looked down I kept seeing this shadow pass by the boat and wonder what the heck. Just then a big pike came up and ripped my dinner off the stringer, splashed water in my face and the force of the stringer being ripped almost tipped over the boat (Small 14ft aluminum). My fishing partner looked over at me in shock and said, "Were going to need a bigger boat." I have heard of Pike biting fish on a stringer but never thought they would just rip one like that. Has anyone else ever had that experience?
  7. That is correct. He can fish on a relative’s license but can't transport back any. If you do buy a license I think you can write on the freezer bag who's limit the catch goes against and you're ok.
  8. Just got back from the area and there is a bait shop near the Safeway. It's a gas station also but mainly for bait. Large are $3.85, mediums are $3.50. We had some luck with worms as well so you may want to pick up some of those.
  9. Our group looked at staying there because of the price and the chance to fish Basket lake for a day. We decided to just stay on basket instead. We will miss out on the Small mouth but I have experiance on Basket. I visited with another lodge owner on the lake and it sounds like real good fishing.
  10. Your right. If you have all that stuff you should not care about the price of minnows. But, I don't have any of that stuff and was asking so I could tell the other guys in my group how much cash we would need to take with us. I was just trying to set a budget. Sorry it seems so trival for you.
  11. Do leaches work well in the early spring. We are going at the end of may.
  12. Anyone know the ~price of a dozen minnows last year? About how many per person do you use a day?
  13. Last week in May, first of June to an Outpost on Little Basket lake. Has anyone fished big basket? Any lures, colors or techniques would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Does anyone no if there is a time limit. What About 15 or more years ago? Do you have to go through the same procedure? I read somewhere that even President Bush needed to fill out the paperwork. But I also read somewhere that after 15 years you are automatically considered rehabilitated.
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