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    Big Dave2 reacted to Wheezy Outdoors in To Hire a Guide or Not?: 12 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Minnesota Bear Hunting Outfitter   
    Well the results for the 2020 Minnesota Bear Lottery have been posted, which has many of those who were lucky in drawing a permit starting to formulate a plan. One main question being, to hire a guide or not? As a licensed Master Bear Guide, we receive calls all throughout the year of people inquiring about Bear Hunting in Minnesota. As many of us know, Minnesota Bear Permits are issued by lottery only although there is a large portion of the state that is “no-quota” which allows you to purchase a tag over the counter. A majority of calls are from those who understand our points system and have started to accumulate points. However, we get several calls from those who are not familiar with it, they just know they want to do it. I, as a guide, not only have an obligation but I hold the privilege of informing and educating these people, and I am delighted with each and every call. Much like the one I received today. A gentleman from Tennessee had called, he was trying to plan a hunting trip for him and his son this fall. Having never applied for a Minnesota Bear Permit before I was more than happy to explain how the points system worked, the unfortunate circumstance that he had missed this years draw, the availability of possible surplus tags, and how Minnesota also has several well-known guides that service the “no-quota” area. It was at that time this gentleman asked the most profound question I have ever heard from a potential client. He said “Alice, what should I be looking for, and what questions should I be asking when I am looking for a guide?”
                  First, before I delve into that, let me first explain the benefits of hiring a bear guide. Bear hunting is a very timely and tedious task. Not necessarily the hunt itself, but the preparation and work that is involved prior to the hunt. Bear baiting opens usually two weeks before the season begins. Baiting is just that, much like cattle coming into feed on a silage pile, you are providing bear with a food source. As we enter into fall, bears begin their entry into hyperphagia. This is where they are eating continuously to build up the much-needed calories and nutrients to sustain the long winter of hibernation that lays ahead. During the early parts of season bear can become very much structured and routine animals. The sound of the wheeler driving in and back out becomes more or less a dinner bell for them. It is important to maintain a schedule in baiting, if the bears are used to you coming in at a certain time, one missed day can cost you an opportunity as they will choose to move on to the next food source. Baiting is timely, should be structured, and can be extremely costly especially if you live outside of the area you are hunting. Having a guide who lives in and knows the area in which they are baiting and locations of what could be considered “prime” bait locations, as well as a guide who is able and willing to bait regularly and often are going to increase your chances of a successful hunt. Hiring a guide takes an incredible amount of stress and expense off your back, especially if you live outside your hunting area.
                  So, what are some important questions to ask when you might be seeking a guide?
    Are you Licensed? This should always be your first question. The state of Minnesota requires all those who “guide” bear for a monetary exchange to be licensed through the state. Furthermore, there may be other licensing requirements needed depending on the type of land the guide operates on. For instance, if they choose to guide on any portion of Federal land, they will also be required to obtain permits from the USDA. There are significant penalties issued to those who guide without being licensed, sadly the clients, be it known or not, also may not exempt from certain consequences either depending on the situation.
    Are You Insured? This particular one is a little obvious. Hunting, as we all know can be very unpredictable, at times even dangerous. It is important to know that you are protected to an extent, as well as the guide.
     How often do you Bait? Every guide operates differently. Knowing your guides routine ahead of time can provide you with slight insight on what your expectations should be. As said previously, bears often become very structured to routine in the early days of season. Knowing you have a guide who baits regularly and often will further provide you with reassurance your chances are good.
    What is Your Success Rate?               This is a straightforward question that can even be hard for some guides to answer, but in you knowing the results of previous seasons, you can gain more confidence in your selection. Beware of guarantees, an honest outfitter will give you an honest answer. Please keep in mind, and I cannot stress this enough… there is never a guarantee when hunting wild animals. There is not a single guide in this state who has had “lights-out, tag-out” every season of operation. It is important to remain understanding, and compassionate that each seasons harvest will reflect differently. If they admit they had a tough year at one point, ask them if they know the reasoning. Asking questions like “was it a heavy acorn crop that year?”, “What was the client like?”, “What would you have done differently looking back?” will be beneficial in knowing that other circumstances were at play, rather than faulty service. But if the numbers are staggeringly and consistently low, you might want to seek elsewhere, or consider your willingness and possibility to go home with an empty tag.
    How long have you hunted in the area you guide? There is nothing wrong with new areas, even more a new and energetic guide. But experience and local knowledge will definitely count in the field.
    How many hunters do you anticipate on guiding? Knowing the numbers of other hunters can help in what you are to expect, low numbers are often favored to avoid overcrowding if you are looking for a more personalized successful hunt, compared to large groups where you might seemingly feel like just another number.
     Are stand and transportation included? Some guides are all inclusive providing you everything but the weapon, whereas others will just simply toss the bait for you. So, make sure you know what your outfitter is providing. If you will be taken to your stand, as well as means of transportation.
    How many baits will I have? Minnesota issues a licensed outfitter 3 baits per licensed hunter, as well as 3 additional as the guide. Knowing that you have more options to go to if you find yourself sitting over a “dead” bait can make the difference.
    Are you First Aide/CPR Certified? Although this is no longer required by the state in order to hold a guide’s license, knowing you are with someone who knows how to respond appropriately and correctly in an emergency situation is not only comforting but important!
     What is your cancellation policy? Many guides require deposit upfront, and start booking well before season. Unexpected health, family, or work situations can arise at any time and may prevent you in taking the trip. Will you receive a full refund? Or perhaps a credit towards a future service?
     Exactly what is included in booking a hunt with you? Emphasis on “Exactly”. Prior to booking it is extremely important to know what is included. Some guides only bait for you where as some guides provide everything and more up to meals and lodging. First think of what it is you are seeking in this hunt. Maybe you like to join in on the fun of baiting, or maybe you are looking for a relaxing and exciting getaway, maybe you’re the type who will want to do everything yourself but struggle with the ability to bait in a realistic fashion. But be sure to know fully what is included in the rate you are paying prior to putting down the deposit.
     Can you provide references? Never be afraid to ask for references from previous clientele. Please note that very few guides will provide you with references to those who were unsuccessful, if you find one that does, that is a huge display of integrity and honesty. But don’t be afraid to ask if they had a reference for an unsuccessful hunter either. Ask for phone numbers and names, and in discussing with these fellow hunters ask what their experience was like? Did they have a good time? Were they disappointed by anything? What was the atmosphere at camp like?

    There is not necessarily right or wrong answers to any of these questions. These are simply just things to weigh and consider in your decision to hire a guide or not, and if so, in choosing the right one. Communication is key and knowing what to expect in the hunt before arriving is helpful so there are minimal surprises upon arriving. Whether you choose to do it yourself, or hire the right guide, the thing to remember is that everyday out in God’s glory of nature is a good day… kick back, relax, and enjoy the experience.
    Above all get out there and “Break the Chain of Routine!”
    Happy Hunting All!

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    Big Dave2 reacted to rundrave in What's on the grill   
    Shrimp and tuna steaks. Also had some steamed broccoli on the side:

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    Big Dave2 reacted to chaffmj in What's on the grill   
    Venison brats on the grill.

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    Big Dave2 got a reaction from rundrave in Homemade steak rubs   
    I've been using this on my steaks lately. No particular reason on the brand, just what my local meat market has in stock right now.

    Here's some inspiration.......

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    Big Dave2 got a reaction from Mike89 in Homemade steak rubs   
    I've been using this on my steaks lately. No particular reason on the brand, just what my local meat market has in stock right now.

    Here's some inspiration.......

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    Big Dave2 reacted to Borch in What's on the grill   
    Did some pork butts on the weber.  They turned out very tender and tasty. 

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    Big Dave2 reacted to rundrave in What’s your cook time and method with ribs   
    Did some big meaty baby backs with 2-2-1 today turned out much better. 

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    Big Dave2 reacted to Grainbelt in What's on the grill   
    I am liking these lotsa motsa pizzas on the charcoal grill. They taste great.

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    Big Dave2 got a reaction from Pat K in Homemade steak rubs   
    Salt, pepper and garlic is all I use on steaks.
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    Big Dave2 got a reaction from gunner55 in Sunnies   
    How would you know?
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    Big Dave2 got a reaction from ozzie in What to smoke next   
    No flip smoked hamburgers
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    Big Dave2 got a reaction from smalliehunter in Random Daily Pics   
  13. Wow, ❤
    Big Dave2 got a reaction from smurfy in Sunnies   
    How would you know?
  14. Wow, ❤
    Big Dave2 got a reaction from chaffmj in Sunnies   
    How would you know?
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    Big Dave2 got a reaction from ozzie in bought a camper   
    Most of the time camper mattresses are a bit shorter but the width is the same as a house mattress. You'll have to determine if it is a regular sized mattress or a camper sized one before replacing if that's the route you go. 
    We have had good luck with mattress toppers that we have purchased. Not sure what brands or where my wife purchased them but they make a camper bed much more comfy.
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    Big Dave2 got a reaction from Wanderer in Random Daily Pics   
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    Big Dave2 got a reaction from chaffmj in Random Daily Pics   
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    Big Dave2 got a reaction from Mike89 in Random Daily Pics   
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    Big Dave2 got a reaction from Duffman in Random Daily Pics   
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    Big Dave2 got a reaction from Grainbelt in What's on the grill   
    Beef tenderloin

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    Big Dave2 got a reaction from Mike89 in Smoker or Pellet grill   
    Fast cooks don't usually end up with a ton of smoke no matter what kind of smoker or grill you use. You do get a nice light smokey flavor in steaks even when done hot and fast on a pellet grill. For more smoke you could try a reverse sear.
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    Big Dave2 reacted to Bass Thumb in Smoker or Pellet grill   
    I have something similar: the Green Mountain Daniel Boone. I think you'll like it.
    A couple tips off the top of the head:
    --The Traeger site has great recipes for all pellet smokers. When it states "set to smoke", they mean 250 degrees.
    --Baby back ribs smoked at 225 for three hours, then HEAVILY sauced (like a half a bottle), wrapped tightly in tinfoil, and baked for two more hours at 225 makes for premium ribs. Once wrapped in tinfoil, they can be frozen for months. Just thaw in the fridge for a day or two, and bake for two hours. I can't tell the difference between the frozen ones and fresh ones.
    --When recipes ask you to wrap in tinfoil and place back in the smoker, use the oven instead and save some pellets. Smoke cannot penetrate tightly wrapped tinfoil enough to make a difference. 
    --Try making oven recipes in the smoker, like casseroles, baked beans, and mac/cheese.
    --Heggies frozen pizzas at 250 for 45 minutes are really good.
    --When making pulled pork, cut the pieces to the size of a softball before smoking. Doesn't take all day then, and with more surface area, you get more of the chewy 'bark'. Get some claws for pulling the pork.
    --Try different "spritz" concoctions in the spray bottle. I like apple cider with a splash of Worcestershire. It caramelizes on the meat. Cola or Dr Pepper is good too.
    --Baby portabellas tossed in Italian dressing and smoked for a half hour or so. Makes a good side dish with steak.
    --Salmon brushed with Italian dressing and then blackened is great. I think that's from the Traeger site.
    --Check out 'reverse searing' thick steaks.
    --Etc, etc, etc.
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    Big Dave2 reacted to snagfinder in What's on the grill   
    Just did one but will again in the near future im sure.
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    Big Dave2 reacted to snagfinder in What's on the grill   
    I live across the road to the north and 2 houses to the east.
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    Big Dave2 got a reaction from eyeguy 54 in What's on the grill   
    Beef tenderloin

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