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  1. Hey guys, Picked up a 17 ft Smokercraft this weekend. 45 hp Merc on the back, bow mounted troller, downriggers, etc. Will plan on an electronics upgrade but other than that, I'm ready to go!! Got a 4x4 pick up as well. Just a beater but it's got a plow and I know the truck and the old owner. I need to find a cheap sled for the ice season now. lol Waiting on info and samples from the Rod, reel and ice jigs mfg. Finally got things worked out. Email wasn't making it to him. Jay, I didn't forget. Hoping he can help or point us to another company to make what you'd asked about. Slow moving but I think it's going to work out. If anyone wants to get out and fish, get in touch with me. Tim has my number if you don't and I'll go anyplace!! Hope everyone is well and look forward to seeing you all soon! Ray
  2. Tim, Keep me posted! I've got the itch to get out and the camera needs to be broken in!! Whoever goes is welcome to experiment with it. Ray
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